Wild Rose

A pretty year-round flower piped about the size of your nail head (number 7). If you prefer a more cupped shape, increase the angle you hold the tip—be sure to dry in flower formers to keep the curved shape.


Step 1: Form Petal

Use tip 103 at a 45º angle. Touch nail with wide end of tip, keeping narrow end just slightly above nail surface. Begin at center of flower nail and squeeze out first petal, turning nail 1/5 turn as you move tip out toward edge of nail. Relax pressure as you return to center of nail, curving tip slightly upward to create a cupped shape. Stop squeezing as wide end touches center of nail and lift up.

Step 2: Repeat

Repeat step four more times.

Step 3: Flower Center

Pull out tiny stamens with tip 1.

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