Tip 102: Petal/Ruffle

Petal tips are used for so much, and not just for flowers! Tip 102 is a medium size; for smaller or larger designs, choose smaller or larger tips.


Step 1: Sweat Pea

The sweet pea is one of the fastest, easiest-to-make flowers in the garden. Sweet peas work beautifully as part of a floral cascade in corners of cakes. Try piping them in variegated shades.

Step 2: Ruffle

Everyone loves a ruffle's graceful motion. They add interest to your cake. Use them as a border, to frame a plaque or to trim clothing designs.

Step 3: Bow

From tiny shoestrings to an enormous ribbon covering an entire cake top, the bow has many uses.

Step 4: Rose

The most popular icing flower, it can decorate cakes, cupcakes, brownies, mini treats and so many other things.

Step 5: Wild Rose

A pretty year-round flower piped about the size of a flower nail. If you prefer a more cupped shape, increase the angle you hold the tip, then dry in flower former cups so the cupped shape is retained.

Step 6: Rose

Color options abound for this robust flower, always highlighted with a complementary color. Add multi-tones by using a striped bag or by painting in colors at the flower's center or edge with a fine tipped brush.

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