The Star

The star is one of the easiest and most versatile piping techniques, well known for decorating cakes made in shaped pans. But, the star tip is also used for a variety of other designs. Star tips come as open and closed tips, and run from a small Open Star tip 13 to a large tip 1M, 4B or 8B.


Step 1: Butterfly and Flower Cookies

Using star tip (tips 13-18, depending on size of cookie) outline cookie and butterfly body. Fill in outline with stars. On flower, add starred center in contrasting icing color. If desired, add Sugar Pearl Sprinkle accents.

Step 2: Fantasy Star Flower Cookies and Cupcakes

Using star tip 1G or 4B and holding the decorating bag at a 90° angle about 1 in. from cookie or cupcake surface, pipe icing star. Add tip 4 flower center in contrasting icing color.

Step 3: Floral Bouquet Cookies

Using a smaller star tip (tip 13-18), pipe star "flowers" in clusters or individually on cookie. Pipe tip 2 flower centers. Add tip 4 outline green stems and tip 65 or tip 352 leaves. Add star tip outline bow to bouquet.

Step 4: Star Borders

Pipe icing stars around borders of cupcakes, cookies and individual treats, or on top and bottom borders of cakes. Leave plain, or add Pearl sprinkles to center of the star; or insert jumbo sprinkles between each star.

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