A wonderful technique for finishing your piped baskets with pretty edging and handles. Excellent too for western or nautical theme cakes. You can make a great-looking rope with star or round tips (or basketweave tips, ridged or smooth side up).


Step 1: Use Tip 21 to form "S" curve

Fit the decorating bag with tip 21 and fill 1/2 full with medium consistency icing. Hold the decorating bag 45° angle at 4:30 (7:30); the tip should be lightly touching the surface. Using a steady, even pressure, move the tip in a gentle sideways "S" curve. Stop pressure and pull tip away.

Step 2: Reposition tip

Insert tip under the bottom curve of the "S" shape.

Step 3: Overlap with a hook

Squeeze the bag with steady pressure as you pull down, then lift the tip. Move up and over the tail of the "S" as you continue to squeeze and form a hook.

Step 4: Repeat

Keep spacing as even as possible and "S" curves uniform in thickness, length and overall size. Be sure to tuck the tip into the bottom curve of the previous "S" before you begin squeezing, to insure the clean, continuous look of a rope.

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.