Push-In Pillar Tiered Cake Construction

Use any type of Wilton Push-In Pillars and Plates. Simple assembly—no dowel rods needed! You may also combine Push-In Pillar with Stacked Construction; this allows you to add fresh flowers, bows or other decorations between the tiers.


Step 1: Mark Tier for Pillar Placement

Mark tier for push-in pillar placement. Use the separator plate for the next tier above, gently pressing it onto the tier, feet down, making sure it is centered. Lift plate away. The feet will leave marks on the icing to guide the position of pillars when you assemble the tier. Repeat this process for each tier, working from largest to smallest tier. The top tier is left unmarked.

Step 2: Place Tiers on Plates

Place each tier on its separator plate, securing with icing.

Step 3: Insert Pillars

Position push-in pillars at marks, and insert into tiers. Push straight down until pillars touch the cake board.

Step 4: Begin Assembly

To assemble, start with the tier above the base tier. Place the feet of the separator plate on the pillar openings.

Step 5: Complete Assembly

Continue adding tiers in the same way until the cake is completely assembled.

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.