Petaled Rose

People are amazed at the realism of these roses! They can also be made with candy clay or marzipan. To make sure the petals stand up and curl properly, add 1 teaspoon Gum-Tex for each 12 oz. of fondant.


Step 1:

Using a 3/4 in. diameter ball of fondant, mold a cone base approximately 1-1/2 in. high.

Step 2:

Roll a 3/8 in. diameter ball of fondant. Flatten into a circular petal about 1/4 in. thick on bottom, and thinner on top. Petal should be about the size of a nickel. Make several petals this size.

Step 3:

Wrap first petal around the point of the cone to form a bud.

Step 4:

Press 3 more petals around the base of the bud. Gently curl edges of petals.

Step 5:

Make five more petals using slightly larger balls of fondant. Flatten, then thin edge with finger and shape petals. Press petals under first row of petals. Continue, placing petals in between and slightly lower than previous row. Trim bottom of rose and place on dessert you are decorating.

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