Mixing Skin Shades

It's easy to create a wide variety of skin shades using various Wilton Icing Colors. Simply add desired color to white icing with a toothpick. If you wish to reach a shade lighter or darker than what is indicated, add slightly less or more of the icing color.


Step 1: Start with Enough Icing

To reach desired skin tone color, start with enough icing to cover the entire area, as matching shades later may be difficult.

Step 2: Use a Toothpick

Dip the end of a toothpick into the color or colors indicated, and swirl into icing and blend well.

Step 3: Add Color

Add color a little at a time until you achieve the shade you desire. Always use a new toothpick each time you add color to keep icing out of your jar of color.

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