Melting Candy Melts

Four Easy Methods Because you're starting with Wilton Candy Melts®, you can use several easy ways to melt to a perfect smooth texture for molding.

Candy Melts are also known as confectionery coating or summer coating. They are convenient wafers made of sugar, milk solids, vegetable oils, flavorings and colors. The Light Cocoa, Dark Cocoa and Dark Cocoa Mint-flavored Candy Melts also contain cocoa powder. Candy Melts taste delicious, but don't require the careful melting procedures of chocolate.

Before you begin, make sure all of your utensils are dry. Water causes melted coatings to harden and streak.

Melted Candy Melts are ready for molding when the texture resembles cooked pudding. For all methods, do not overheat by melting on too high a setting or for too long. Coating loses its proper consistency if overheated or if liquids are added. If coating becomes too thick, add 2 teaspoons of hydrogenated solid vegetable shortening per 14 oz. of Candy Melts.


Option 1: Microwave Oven: Bowl

A quick and easy way to melt candy in a microwave-safe bowl, spouted measuring cups, Wilton Melting Bottles or Disposable Decorating Bags. If you're using a bowl or measuring cup, microwave 1 package Candy Melts at 40% power or defrost setting for 1 minute. Stir thoroughly. Continue to microwave and stir at 30-second intervals until smooth and completely melted. By using bags or the Melting Bottle, you can squeeze the candy right into the mold for less mess.

Option 2: Microwave Oven: Disposable Bag

If you're using a disposable bag, microwave as described above, squeezing bag between heating intervals to blend Candy Melts together. When completely melted, snip off end of bag and squeeze melted candy into molds. Throw away bag when empty.

Option 3: Microwave Oven: Melting Bottle

If you're using the Melting Bottle, fill bottle half full with Candy Melts and microwave at 40% power or defrost setting for a minute, knead gently to mix and continue melting at 15-second intervals until candy is completely melted and smooth. When melted, twist lid on bottle and squeeze candy right into molds.

Option 4: Double Boiler: Easy Melting

Fill lower pan with water to below level of top pan. Heat water to a simmer, then remove from heat. Put Candy Melts® in top pan and set in position on lower pan. Stir constantly, without beating, until smooth and completely melted.

Option 5: Slow Cooker

For Large Quantities Ideal for melting large amounts of candy (3 1/2 to 5 lbs.). Note: Do not melt less than 31/2 lbs. Place 1 package of Candy Melts into a slow cooker and set on low. Never use a higher setting. Stir occasionally as it melts. When almost completely melted (about 20 minutes), add another package. Stir occasionally again until almost completely melted, then add another package of Candy Melts. Repeat procedure until you've melted as much candy as you need. You can melt up to 5 lbs. of Candy Melts in your slow cooker (total melting time for 5 lbs. is about 45 minutes).

Option 6: Warming Tray

For Melting More Than One Color Place different colors of Candy Melts in oven-safe glass bowls or custard cups. Position bowls on tray on a low to medium setting, stir while melting. Left on the low setting, the tray will keep your assorted Candy Melts colors at the ideal melted texture while you are molding.

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