Making fondant ropes

The twisted texture is outstanding for cake borders. If you've ever piped a rope in buttercream icing, you'll really appreciate the flexibility and control you have with fondant.


Step 1:

Roll fondant into logs using palms of hands. You will need 2 pieces of the same length. Lay the pieces side by side, and gently press together at one end to join.

Step 2:

Holding the joined end in a stationary position, twist the other end 2 to 3 complete turns. Continue twisting as needed.

Step 3:

Attach rope to cake using a damp brush. Moisten cake slightly and position the rope, pressing ends lightly to secure.

Step 4:

For multicolored ropes: follow rope instructions for rolling individual logs, using 2 or 3 logs in different colors. Follow the same twisting procedure, but twist more loosely to create wider space between colors. After twisting, roll back and forth using palms of hands to create a smooth rope.

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