Leaf Tip

Leaves make lovely accents to flowers, berries and assorted other decorations, but they also are interesting on their own! We show you! The most common leaf tips are tip #67, #352 and #366.


Step 1: Border

Start with a single leaf on the edge of your treat; overlap the start of the next leaf over the first and continue around the border of your treat. Tuck the end of the last leaf under the first.

Step 2: Flowers with Leaves

Whether a drop flower, a flower you pipe the individual leaves or even a flower icing decoration, leaves tucked under and around the flower make it much more lifelike.

Step 3: Wreath

Make this wreath just like you do a border, overlapping the start of one leaf with the one before it; when you've made a full circle, add holly berry icing dots, a bow or other wreath adornment.

Step 4: Leaf As Flower Petal

Elongated piped leaves serve as flower petals, starting in the center and working out. In the center, add an icing dot, star or swirl in complementary colors. Or, add a jumbo confetti sprinkle flower center!

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