Fondant Punch Shape

Adding exciting 3-dimensional decorations in fondant is easy with the Fondant Decorative Punch Set. The comfortable angled handle holds your choice of 8 design punches from whimsical paisley to elegant teardrop flowers. This detailing will add variety and elegance to your cut out stripes or ribbons. Each disk cutout can be used as a separate fondant decoration or element. You can also create inlays of different fondant colors.


Step 1: Roll out fondant

Insert desired disk on handle, twisting to lock into place. Roll out a strip of fondant on the Roll & Cut Mat sprinkled with cornstarch.

Step 2: Press into fondant

Dip disk in cornstarch, then press into fondant strip.

Step 3: Attach to cake

If the cut shape remains on the fondant strip, use a tapered spatula or toothpick to lift it out. If the shape lifts away with the disk, use the spatula to gently raise it from the disk. Position the fondant strip on your cake. Dip the disk in cornstarch before each pressing.

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