Fondant Leaves

To create a variety of curved shapes, use both sides of Flower Formers to dry leaves. You can also add a colorful flair to leaves by brushing them with a mix of clear vanilla and icing color.


Step 1: Roll Out Fondant and Cut Leaf

Roll out fondant 1/8 in. thick on Roll & Cut Mat lightly dusted with cornstarch. Cut leaves using Cut-Outs™, cookie cutters or cutters from one of our gum paste decorating sets such as the Stepsaving Rose Bouquets Flower Cutter Set.

Step 2: Vein Leaf

For veined leaves, place leaf on thin foam. Using veining tool, mark vein lines, starting with center line. Add branch veins on both sides of center line.

Step 3: Curve Leaf

Remove leaf from foam and let dry. For curved leaves, dry on flower formers dusted with cornstarch.

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