Fondant Bows

Nothing says "celebrate" like a cake topped with a lush fondant bow. While the bow looks intricate, it's really just a grouping of fondant strips, folded, wrapped and arranged to create a full effect. When you cut strips with the Fondant Ribbon Cutter/ Embosser, you can create bows with stripes or beaded edge embossed designs.


Step 1: Cut Strips and Loop

This bow can be assembled directly on the cake or ahead of time, using a 2 to 2 1/2 in. fondant circle as a base. Cut strips for bow loops using dimensions listed in project instructions. Your bow may use more loops than shown here. Fold strips over to form loops. Brush ends lightly with damp brush. Align ends and pinch slightly to secure. Stand loops on side to dry.

Step 2: Arrange and Attach Loops

Position 6 or 7 bow loops in a circle to form base of the bow. Attach to fondant circle with thinned fondant adhesive or melted candy.

Step 3: Continue to Attach Loops

Attach remaining loops, filling in center area of bow. Trim loop ends, if needed, to fit.

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