Decorating Bags

Decorating bags hold the icing and decorating tip so you can create a variety of decorations. In this class, you'll be using three types of bags: Featherweight, Disposable and Parchment.


Option 1: Featherweight Bags

Featherweight Bags are reusable, made of flexible, coated polyester. They are strong, lightweight and dishwasher safe, in sizes from 8 in. to 18 in.

Option 2: Disposable Bags

Disposable Bags are made to use and toss—no fuss, no muss. Made of strong, flexible plastic, they're easy to handle. Available in 12, 24, 50 and 100 count boxes.

Option 3: Parchment Triangles

Parchment Triangles are easy to fold into a convenient "throw-away" bag. Made of grease-resistant vegetable parchment paper, available in 12 in. and 15 in. sizes.

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