Cutting Strips Using Embosser

A smooth fondant surface always looks great on a cake, but you can also add subtle textures to fondant using our Fondant Ribbon Cutter/Embosser. This easy-to-use tool imprints elegant designs as it cuts fondant strips in a variety of widths and also imprints a beaded edge or textured striping. Our single-wheel Cutter/Embosser, used in the Quilting section below, is another great way to add a beautiful dimensional look to fondant cakes.


Step 1: Position Cutting and Embossing Wheels

The Fondant Ribbon Cutter/Embosser includes cutting wheels in straight, wavy and zigzag shapes, embossing wheels in striped and beaded styles, and spacers in multiple widths to help you adjust the width of the fondant strips. Arrange wheels on work surface to create the look you want. Place the cutting wheels to the outside of the embossing wheels. Add spacers between wheels to fill the width of the 4 in. roller*. Slide wheels and spacers on the roller.

* Note: When using the beaded embossing wheel, load onto roller so that it fits over the center rim of the cutting wheel.

Step 2: Secure Wheels

Position washer and wing nut on end of roller to secure the wheels.

Step 3: Roll over Fondant

Use a rolling pin to roll out fondant on Roll & Cut Mat sprinkled with cornstarch. We suggest brushing the assembled roller with shortening for easy release. Roll the roller over fondant to cut and imprint strips.

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