Cookie Press FAQs

Choose from several innovative styles to make pressing traditional spritz cookies easier for you. Here are some facts about them to help you have the best cookie-baking experience possible.


FAQ #1: How Do I Remove The Barrel From My Cookie Press For Cleaning?

The barrel twists off counterclockwise for easy cleaning. When twisting, be sure to grip the barrel and not the outer plastic casing.

FAQ #2: Why Are My Cookies Sticking To The Bottom Of The Press?

The dough may be too soft. We suggest adding sifted flour, 1 teaspoon at a time, until dough reaches the proper consistency. It' s also possible that the dough is too warm. Try putting the dough in the refrigerator for 3-4 minutes just to bring it back to room temperature and to its proper consistency.

FAQ #3: When I Push Down On The Press, Nothing Will Come Out Of The Disk. Why Is That?

The dough may be too thick or have been chilled for too long. We suggest using a spritz recipe and allowing the dough to come to room temperature. Also, make sure the plunger is in place and that it is not broken.

FAQ #4: Does It Matter If You Use Butter, Margarine, Or The Crisco Butter Substitute Product?

We recommend using butter when making spritz cookie dough. When margarine or vegetable shortening is used, the dough may turn out too soft to release from the press perfectly formed.

FAQ #5: Can I Use An Egg Substitute Rather Than An Egg To Make Spritz Cookies?

Yes, equivalent amounts of egg substitute can be used in place of fresh eggs.

FAQ #6: Can I Add Chocolate Chips, Raisins Or Other Decorative Items To The Dough?

We do not recommend adding any large solids to your spritz recipes. Large ingredients may not pass through the design openings in the disks.

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