Combing a Cake

To keep excess Cake Sparkles from spilling out onto the cake top when you remove the combingacake, spray the top of the combingacake with non-stick cooking spray before combingacakeing. Loose Sparkles will stick on!


Step 1: Ice Cake

Cover the cake with a slightly thicker coating of medium to thin icing so the comb's ridges will not touch the cake. Comb immediately after icing cake, while icing is soft.

Step 2: Select Combing Effect

Using a turntable helps to keep the movement smooth. Use the Icing Sculptor™, Decorating Comb or Decorating Triangle to add different contoured effects to your iced cake. Choose the type of effect you want—wide or narrow—then run that edge around your cake to form ridges. Ridges will be deep or shallow depending on the Icing Sculptor™ blade or the side of Decorating Comb or Triangle you use.

Step 3: Turn & Comb Cake

Continue to turn the cake while using the Icing Sculptor™, Decorating Comb or Decorating Triangle until combing is complete.

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