Brush Embroidery

Add textured flowers with the soft look of lace using this easy icing technique. Works best using a square tip brush.


Step 1: Imprint Shape

Imprint shape on freshly-rolled fondant (or on your covered cake), using a Cut-Out or cookie cutter.

Step 2: Outline Shape

Thin royal or buttercream icing with Piping Gel. Using tip 2, outline shape. For large designs, outline one section of the design, brush out lines following step 3, then continue with the next design section.

Step 3: Brush Lines Toward Center of Pattern

Before each outline can dry, immediately brush out lines of icing toward center of pattern area with damp brush. Work in quick, short strokes. Clean brush with water after brushing each flower to create distinct lines of icing.

Step 4: Add Center

Pipe tip 2 dot centers for flowers.

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