The ball and bead are important techniques to master. Always made with round tips, these techniques make everything from a basic dot, to a bold fill in, to a brilliant border...all so easy to do.


Step 1: Ball Flower

With larger round tip (tip 8 used here) pipe a single ball on center of cupcake, cookie or other treat. Add ball flower petals around center ball in second icing color.

Step 2: Bead Border

To make a bead border, hold bag at a 45° angle. Squeeze and lift the tip slightly so that icing fans out. Relax pressure as you draw the tip down and bring the bead to a point. To make a border, start the end of your next bead so that the fanned end covers the tail of the preceding bead to form an even chain.

Step 3: Picot

Traditionally made with small diameter round tips, picot is simply a series of balls/dots arranged in a triangular shape. Start with three small balls/dots in an even horizontal line. Pipe a row of two dots next, then finally pipe a one dot row next to the two dot row.

Step 4: Fill-In

Outlilne cookie if desired. Pipe a row of dots evenly and close together. Pipe the next row of dots beneath the first, adjusting tip positon to close any gaps. Continue to fill in entire area. Use one color or many!

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.