Other Decorating Techniques

Buttercream Ribbon Rose

Color the cookie dough

Added color in your dough gives your cookies a special touch to details.

Combing a cake

Add a textured interest to your iced cake with a Decorating Comb or Triangle.

Cookie press faq's

Have a question about your Spritz Gun? We have answers.

Covering with Sprinkles

For quick party pops, after you dip in candy, do a second dip in Wilton Sprinkles! Whether you use nonpareils, jimmies or colored sugars, you'll have an instant colorful treat everyone will love.

Dipping Cake Balls

Give your pops a dunk in Wilton Candy Melts! Dipping is a great way to seal in the flavor and moistness of the cake and creates a great surface for toppings and decorations. Melt them in the Chocolate Pro Melting Pot, which can handle any size pop in this book. For small and medium cake ball pops, try convenient, microwaveable Wilton Candy Dips.

Flattening gum drops

Easy and fun way to add yummy color to your project.

Frozen Buttercream Transfer

Frozen buttercream transfer is a method of transferring art to iced cakes – adding a buttercream plaque to the cake. Simple images work best. Try coloring books, or looking online if you’re not a confident artist! You create these plaques backwards – working on the illustration details before the background colors.

Making cookie pops

Treats on a stick are easy to make.

Outline and Fill Cookies

Painting cookie sticks

Tips on how to change the look of your candy project by changing your cookie sticks colors.

Piping cookie dough

Add details to your cookie projected by piping colored cookie dough before baking.

Puddle Dots

Versatile disks of thinned royal or color flow icing are made in advance, dried, and used as accents, buttons and faces.

Quilling Circles with Sugar Sheets!

Round Sugar Sheets! strips make a fun alternative to looped petals for treat-top flowers. Or, use just one circle to crown your cupcakes with color! The quilling tool available in our 7 Pc. Deluxe Gum Paste Tool Set makes winding a perfect circle effortless.

Quilling with Sugar Sheets!

Thin strips of Sugar Sheets! bring big impact when looped together. The quilling effect of placing groups of loops together to build shapes like the flower shown here creates a breathtaking look.


The lacy texture of Sotas looks great on borders, outlined areas and as a background for flowers. Use only a small amount of thinned icing—this puts less pressure on your hands.

Stenciling using a doily

An intricate, pure white pattern against a chocolate background makes a fancy, but easy-to-do cake design. To guarantee success, use a double-thick doily, sift the confectioners´ sugar and apply sugar heavily. Lift doily off carefully!

Stenciling with Cake Sparkles™

Quick tip on how to get color and design on your finished cake.

Transferring patterns

Step by step guide to get the custom look you want.

Tri-Dipping Cake Balls

Create a rainbow effect with 3 layers of color on 1 pop! Works with any trio of Candy Melts colors, or try light, medium and dark shades of the same color. You can lighten any Candy Melts color by adding melted white Candy Melts.

Using Color Mist with Stencils

Using your cookie press

Helpful hints on using your Spritz Gun, from cleaning tips to making the perfect dough.

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