Icing Basics

1M Star Tip

While known as “the cupcake icing tip”, this large open star can do other decorations as well.

Bag Striping Effect

You can easily pipe two-tone decorations just by adding a different color inside the bag before you put in your tinted icing.


The ball and bead are important techniques to master. Always made with round tips, these techniques make everything from a basic dot, to a bold fill in, to a brilliant border … all so easy to do.

Buttercream Bow

Making frosting bows is such a pretty finishing touch for floral cakes. Use petal tip 104 and a figure 8 motion to create the elegant loops. Using a round or star tip can give your bows a different look.

Coloring and flavoring fondant

Give your fondant that extra special something with color and flavoring.

Coloring icing

Choosing the right color should help set the theme and personalize your decorating. Color is part of all celebrations!

Correct bag position

The way your decorations curl point and lie begins with the position of your bag.

Folding parchment triangles into bags

Decorating Bags Parchment Triangles are easy to fold into a convenient "throw-away" bag. Made of grease-resistant vegetable parchment paper, available in 12 in. and 15 in. sizes.

How to choose and use decorating bags - filling the bag

Hints to filling your bag.

How to choose decorating bags

Featherweight & Disposable Bags – Reusable or Disposable. Each bag has its own unique appeal.

Icing color hints

Icing consistency

The right consistency makes a great deal of difference in your decorating results.

Leaf Tip

Leaves make lovely accents to flowers, berries and assorted other decorations, but they also are interesting on their own! We show you! The most common leaf tips are tip # 67, #352 and #366.

Open Star Decorating Tip 1M

This popular tip has become known as the “cupcake” tip – it’s so easy to ice a cupcake with a 1M swirl! But this tip is much more versatile than that! Use it to create a Star, or rotate your hand clockwise as you pipe the icing for a twisted star. These decorations have such texture that they’re fun to spray with Color Mist Food Color Spray or dusted with Color Dust or Pearl Dust. Such fun!

Outline and Fill Cookies

Pressure control

The amount of pressure you apply to the bag, controls the size and uniformity of your decorations.


Nothing shows you care more than a customized treat. The many ways to add a printed name, initials or a simple message is easy. Use a single letter, several initials, or write out the entire name or message. Make them from outlines or lines of dots, shells or beads; change the look by using round, open star or basketweave tips.

Puddle Dots

Versatile disks of thinned royal or color flow icing are made in advance, dried, and used as accents, buttons and faces.

Pull-Out Star

The star tip (tips 13-22) creates the most celebrated, easily accomplished decorations! The pull-out star technique can be used for fun, furry creatures, or for textured hair for your cakes.


Basketweave and star tips often combine to create fun basket techniques. Royal icing flowers, those you make yourself or by pre-made, and pull-out star grass add detail to these easy-to-create treats.


The rosette has the tight, swirling look of a rose, but is achieved in one continuous rotation, rather than with wrapped layers of petals. Use any size star tip.

Round Tip Lines

Round tip lines are used for more than just writing and outlining – though they’re great for that too. They’re incredibly versatile!


Made with an open star tip, the shell is the most popular icing technique of all. In addition to being the basis of many borders, it can also serve as an outline, a heart or flower petals.

The Star

The star is one of the easiest and most versatile piping techniques, well known for decorating cakes made in shaped pans. But, the star tip is also used for a variety of other designs. Star tips come as open and closed tips, and run from a small Open Star tip 13 to a large tip 1M, 4B or 8B,

Tip 102: Petal/Ruffle

Using couplers

Couplers let you secure and remove tips with ease and saves time.


The zigzag is a common technique for “filling in,” but it’s also great for outlining, as a border, or when done as a zigzag puff, creating fluffy looking clouds.

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