Fondant Decorating Techniques

Applying fondant to fondant

Quick tip on how to attach your fondant accents to your fondant covered cake.

Brush embroidery

Candy pieces

Shape your fondant for fun decorative touches to add to your cake.

Chalking flowers

Give your flowers a unique charm with this simple technique.

Covering boards with fondant

Give your cake a dramatic look by placing it on a base board covered with fondant. Cut cake boards 2 in. larger in diameter than your cake, unless otherwise directed, then roll out fondant about 1 in. larger than board size.

Cupped Flowers


You know how much flair curling ribbon adds to a package. Here's the easy way to make fondant curls. Curliques also are great used for hair, tails and confetti streamers.

Cutting Fondant Shapes Using Ejectors

It’s easy to cut pretty little blossoms, then eject them right on your cake. Great for petit fours and cupcakes. If you wish, pipe a dot of buttercream or roll a tiny fondant ball for the flower center.

Cutting strips using embosser

Add subtle textures to fondant to give your cakes a beautiful dimensional look.


Only Rolled Fondant icing will form a drape! The luxurious folds add richness to any cake application. Don’t roll the fondant too thin – the weight of the drape may tear the ends.

Fondant ball

Quick easy way to create a simple beaded border with fondant.

Fondant blossom flowers - from gumpaste kit

Create these blossoms to give your cake that garden charm.

Fondant bow and loops

Nothing says “celebrate” like a cake topped with a fondant bow.

Fondant Braid

A great textured look for bottom borders or to highlight western-look rope and floral cakes.

Fondant cut outs

Create quick and easy accents with Fondant Cutouts.

Fondant Daisies

Fondant Inlays

Inlays are the perfect technique for adding color and interest! They can be done in cut out shapes that are then placed on your dessert or directly on the fondant-covered treat.

Fondant Leaves

Make quick and easy leaf fondant accents with these Cutouts.

Fondant Overlays

Overlays are the easy way to add color and dimension to your creations! Any Cut-Outs or cookie cutters can be used.

Fondant Punch Shape

Adding exciting 3-dimensional decorations in fondant is easy with the Fondant Decorative Punch Set. The comfortable angled handle holds your choice of 8 design punches from whimsical paisley to elegant teardrop flowers. This detailing will add variety and elegance to your cut out stripes or ribbons.

Fondant Quilting

By embossing lines in a lattice pattern, you will give your cake a great quilted look. Use the single-wheel Cutter/Embosser to create the imprinted lines.

Fondant Ribbon Rose

These quick and easy flowers can be placed on your cake right after you roll them.

Making fondant ropes

Make a fun twisted border for your cake.

Marbleizing fondant

Dress up your cookie dough by adding some fun swirled colors.

Molding with Fondant and Gum Paste Molds

Petaled Rose

People are amazed at the realism of these roses! They can also be made with candy clay or marzipan. To make sure the petals stand up and curl properly, add 1 teaspoon Gum-Tex for each 12 oz. of fondant.


A ruffles can be gently flowing or tightly gathered – you choose! To create an even softer look, after cutting your fondant strip, roll the ball tool, dipped in cornstarch, along one edge.


This doppled color effect can be done with thinned royal or buttercream icing or diluted icing color. Use a crumpled paper towel, waxed paper or plastic wrap – each will provide a different look!


There's no faster way to add colorful designs to your fondant cake!

Thin and Soften Flower Petal Edges

Softening the edges of flower petals gives them a more natural look. It's so easy to do!

Using Color Mist with Stencils

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.