Cake Preparation

Baking a 3-d bear cake

Baking a 3-D Cake Stand-up cakes like a 3-D bear or snowman call for firmer-textured batter. We recommend using your favorite pound cake mix or recipe to help you turn out perfectly-detailed, sturdy cakes.

Baking in a Silicone Mold with a Stick

For pops that are 5 times the fun, bake your treats in Wilton multi-shape silicone pops molds. No need to chill after baking—we've included a space that lets you bake with the stick in place.

Baking the cake

Baking your cake properly is the key to the foundation of a perfect cake. Follow these steps to make your cake from the ground up.

Baking times, batter amounts and number of servings

Different recipes call for different batter amounts. Be sure to check your pan instructions or recipes for proper amounts.

Cake Board Preparation

Tips on selecting or cutting your Cake Board.

Cake Pan Preparation

Prepare your baking pan before baking to assure that your baked cake will release from the pan perfectly.

Covering Cake Board with Fanci-Foil

For that extra special touch to your presentation, use this quick covering technique to dress up your Cake Boards.

Decorating With Stencils

Stencils are an easy way to make homemade desserts look great for a party or for giving. Add colorful designs with Dusting Sugar or confectioners’ sugar.

Icing Cupcakes Using a Spatula

The traditional way to ice cupcakes, neatly and quickly.

Icing the cake using a decorating tip 789

Using the Cake Icer Tip. This is the fastest way to get a smooth surface!

Icing the cake using a spatula

The perfect cake calls for the perfect tool. Tips on how to keep your cakes crumb free.

Leveling the cake

The secret to making your cake top perfectly level for precise decorating!

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.