Cake Preparation

See how to bake the ideal cake, then level the top and ice it perfectly smooth. We’ll even show you how to prepare a base board to present your cake like a pro.

Cake Preparation Using Fondant

We’ll show you how to get your cake ready for covering, and then see how to handle and roll out fondant step by step.

Candy Making Techniques

Learn the easy steps for melting, molding and dipping the most tempting treats around.

Fondant Decorating Techniques

Take full advantage of fondant’s easy-to-shape nature! Learn how to hand-form or cut incredible fondant accents—ropes, flowers and more.

Icing Basics

Create any color icing you want, then start decorating! Choose the right bag and fill it properly. See how to hold and squeeze the bag for perfectly-formed decorations.

Other Decorating Techniques

Here are easy-to-do cake accents you can create without a bag and tip. Great ways to add color and fun in no time!

Storing, Transporting and Cutting

Keep your cake perfect before serving, and then get it to the party safely. Use our cutting information to get the proper number of servings.

Tiered Cake Construction

The most popular ways to build an impressive multi-level cake presentation—shown in detail so that anyone can succeed!

Tip Techniques

A step-by-step review of each technique from the show! See stars, shells, dots, writing and many more decorating essentials.

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.