Sweetheart Sota Cake

Mosaic Medley Cake

Few decorating techniques are easier than sotas - simply a line that gently wanders over the surface of your treat. On this heart-shaped cake, they take on the appearance of dainty lace on a wedding dress.

Serves 18.

Step 1

Step 1: Bake The Cake

Bake your favorite 2-layer cake recipe or mix in 8 in. heart pan following recipe instructions. Cool in pan on cooling grid 15 minutes; remove from pan and cool completely. Stack layers on foil-wrapped cake board cut to size.

Step 2

Step 2: Ice The Cake

Tint buttercream icing light rose; spatula ice cake. Using 2nd largest heart cutter, imprint heart in icing on top of cake. With toothpick, mark garlands 1-1/2 in. deep x 2-1/2 in. wide on side of cake. Thin a portion of white buttercream with corn syrup; pipe tip 2 sotas between markings on top and sides of cake. Outline heart and garland with tip 16.

Step 3

Step 3: Decorate The Cake

Add tip 21 white rosette bottom border; attach jumbo heart sprinkles. Add icing decorations at garland points and in center of heart with dots of icing.

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