Stained Glass Lamp Cake

Stained Glass Lamp Cake

Tiffany-style lamps are known for their beautiful multi-colored glass set apart by bold leading. This cake duplicates that gorgeous design and intricacy. Rolled fondant makes it so easy to do!

Step 1

Step 1: Bake Cake

Preheat oven to 350°F. Prepare favorite pound cake batter. Assemble Wonder Mold pan following package instructions; spray with vegetable pan spray. Add batter and bake 50-55 minutes. Cool in pan on cooling grid 10-15 minutes; remove from pan and cool completely.

Step 2

Step 2: Cover Cake with Fondant

Wrap pedestal of cake stand with floral tape. Position cooled cake on stand; lightly ice with buttercream. Tint fondant light orange. Roll out 1/4 in. thick to 15 in. circle; cover cake with fondant.

Step 3

Step 3: Decorate

Roll out a variety of colored fondants 1/8 in. thick. Cut black fondant with largest flower Cut-Out and attach to top of cake. With remaining black fondant, roll 2 same-sized balls and a cone; shape finial by threading on lollipop stick. Insert stick into top of cake.

With tip 3 black royal icing, add vertical lines and outline fondant shapes. Cut flower, leaf and butterfly shapes; dust, if desired, with Pearl Dust. Brush backs of shapes with water; attach to fondant-covered cake. Roll 1/4 in. neon purple fondant balls; arrange around cake for bottom border.

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