Hello, Copter!

Hello, Copter!

Helicopters are such fun! And, when you can eat them, the fun gets even better. This cupcake copter is easy to make. A wafer cookie and candy simplify decorating. The captain’s face can be made from scratch, or start with a candy and easily draw the face with edible markers.

Each cupcake serves 1.

Step 1

Step 1: Make Puddle Faces in Advance

Prepare color flow or royal icing; tint desired shades for faces with icing color. Pipe tip 2 puddles on waxed paper; let dry overnight. With FoodWriter edible markers, add facial features and hair.

Step 2

Step 2: Bake Cupcakes

Line jumbo muffin pan with baking cups. Fill 2/3 full with your favorite cupcake recipe or batter from a mix. Bake according to recipe instructions. Cool completely.

Step 3

Step 3: Make Candy Propellers

Roll out jumbo spice drops on surface sprinkled with granulated sugar; cut two propeller shapes for each copter with knife. Set aside.

Step 4

Step 4: Decorate Cupcakes

Insert wafer cookie into side of cupcake to create the helicopter tail. Spatula ice tops of cupcakes with white buttercream icing. Outline cockpit area with tip 6 yellow buttercream outline. Attach puddle face to cockpit. Cover remaining helicopter and tail area with red buttercream tip #13 stars. Attach propellers with dots of icing.

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.