Gift Decorating Tips

Gift Decorating Tips

Decorating gift packaging, such as a Cake Box or Treat Bag can seem a bit daunting at first — a small treat sack presents a suddenly huge blank canvas.

Rest assured, however, you may only need to go as far as your desk drawer, and maybe into your gift-wrapping or scrap-booking supplies, to create a unique and memorable homemade gift.

  • Tools. Most decorated bags and boxes require only scissors, hole punches, double-stick tape or glue stick, a ruler and a pencil.

    Additional tools that you may use to add greater or more precise detail to your decorations include: a craft knife; paper punch-outs; paper trimmers; pinking shears; a hot glue gun; colored pens, markers, pencils and crayons; rubber stamps and colored ink pads; stencils or templates.

  • Materials. Because treat bags and boxes are often of a smaller scale, leftover materials from other projects can be used as decoration or as embellishments for the package you are creating.

    A variety of papers, such as cardstock, vellum, stationery, tissue paper, wrapping paper and even newsprint are useful for covering boxes or paper bags, as well as for creating cut-outs.

    Other useful materials include: Fanci-Foil or foil wrap; Cake Doilies; contact paper; fabric, including Organza or Tulle Circles; felt; foam board; ribbon, yarn, raffia and pipe cleaners; stickers or rub-on shapes and letters for personalizing gifts.

    Use leftover cardstock or construction paper to create a coordinating gift tag or recipe card for your decorated gift.

  • Embellishments. Include items like buttons, ribbons, yarn, rickrack, bows, paper cutouts, newspaper or magazine print and photos, stickers, synthetic flowers, beads, cotton balls, paperclips, die-cuts, charms, playing cards or other small mementos or knick-knacks.

  • Adhesives. Use double stick tape when attaching ribbons or paper to boxes or paper bags. It provides a seamless and professional finish. Simply cut tape to desired lengths and press gently on the box or paper bag. Then, place ribbon or paper over the tape, gently pressing to secure.

    You can also use glue sticks, pens and glue guns to secure your decorations. Almost anything you may have on hand may be used. However, avoid using spray adhesives to decorate boxes or bags, many are not food safe.

  • Assemble. Create a theme for your gift, and choose a holiday or event such as Administrative Assistant's Day. Large trays are ideal for combining multiple gifts, goodies and treats. For example, include drink mixes packaged in Clear Party Bags and chocolate dipped spoons, along with coffee mugs or homemade muffins. Then place the entire tray in a Large Treat Bag.

    Trim or pleat Clear Party Bags or Treat Bags to customize the fit of the gift. If a bag still seems slightly oversized, pleat the bag where necessary and use tape to secure into place.

  • Tie-ons add a finishing touch to your packages. Experiment with gift tags, party favors, lollipops or a set of Cookie Cutters.

  • Label it! People like to know what it is they're eating. Make certain to include a recipe card or a note tag with the name of the treat written on the back.
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