Elves and Gingerbread Boys

Elves and Gingerbread Boys

Gingerbread is so versatile. You can decorate these characters in so many ways for the holidays. It's as easy as changing a technique or icing color.

Each cookie serves 1.

Step 1

Step 1: Make Cookies

Prepare cookie recipe. Roll out dough and cut gingerbread boys in various sizes. Bake at 375°F for 8-12 minutes. Cool on cookie sheet on cooling grid 2 minutes. Remove from pan and cool completely.

Step 2

Step 2: Decorate Cookies

Use tip 3 to outline clothing, facial features and zigzag body outlines (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Pipe tip 14 zigzag scarf with tip 3 pull-out fringe. Pipe tip 14 star buttons and tip 3 round buttons.

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