Cupcake Presentation

Cupcake Presentation

Ordinary cupcakes or mini cakes become party perfect as simply as arranging them in special ways on a foil-wrapped cake board or platter.

Serves 16.


Step 1: Butterfly

Spatula ice or pipe a tip 12 swirl on the top of 5 cupcakes; line up on the center of a cake board; add string licorice antenna. Arrange four groups of 4 cupcakes in wing pattern; ice tops of each group of 4 with tip 12 swirl (or spatula ice). Serve!


Step 2: Flowers

Decorate one regular standard cupcake with buttercream balls or stars (round tip 8 or open star tip 18 are good choices); place in center of cake board. Arrange decorated mini cupcakes in petal fashion around center cupcake. Bon Appetit!

Letter Perfect

Step 3: Letter Perfect!

Arrange iced petit fours or mini cupcakes in letter shapes. Add sprinkles, drop flowers or icing decorations for an even more festive look. Enjoy!

Lady Bug

Step 4: Lady Bug

Spatula ice a jumbo cupcake red. Add tip 8 buttercream black dots and center line. Spatula ice a mini cupcake black. Insert lollipop stick into bottom of mini cupcake; stick mini cupcake onto jumbo cupcake. Add tip 5 icing eyes and mouth. Celebrate!

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.