Colors Collide!

Colors Collide!

With hand-cut fondant decorations, it’s easy to bounce different colors all over the cake! On this retro round cake, neon circles come together in layered and openwork accents - the result is revved-up excitement perfect for any occasion.

Serves 20.

Step 1

Step 1: Bake and Ice Cake

Bake and cool a 2-layer 8-in. round cake. Stack cooled cake layers on foil-covered cake board. Prepare for fondant by lightly icing with buttercream.

Step 2

Step 2: Cover Cake with Rolled Fondant

Tint white fondant teal; cover cake and smooth.

Step 3

Step 3: Decorate

Roll out neon fondant 1/8 in. thick. Cut circles of various sizes and colors using Cut-Outs and Cutter. Cut out centers of some circles with smaller Cut-Outs for open look. Brush back of circles with damp brush; attach randomly to cake, layering some with 2 or 3 circles. For bottom border, cut circles with medium Cut-Out; attach, positioning half on cake, half on board. For each border circle, cut a circle with small Cut-Out; attach in center of medium circle with damp brush.

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