Autumn Carpenter’s Paisley Cake

Autumn Carpenter’s Paisley Cake

Brilliant color and retro shapes make this a stunning cake! While it looks bakery-perfect, with a little time and the easy step-by-step instructions, anyone can make this showpiece cake.

Project instructions and photos used with permission of Autumn Carpenter, Country Kitchen SweetArt. For additional ideas from Autumn Carpenter, visit her websites: and

Serves 76.

Step 1

Step 1: Bake And Ice The Cakes

Bake and cool your favorite 2-layer 6 in., 9 in. and 12 in. round cakes. Stack cooled cake layers on same sized cake boards. Prepare each cake for fondant by lightly icing with buttercream; dowel rod cakes.

Step 2

Step 2: Tint Fondant and Cover Cakes

Tint at least 20 oz. fondant pink, 32 oz. yellow and 90 oz. sky blue. Roll out pink fondant 1/8 in. thick and cover 6 in. cake; roll out yellow fondant and cover 9 in. cake; roll out 30 oz. blue fondant and cover 12 in. cake. Reserve remaining fondant wrapped with plastic wrap.

Step 3

Step 3: Prepare Cake Base

Roll out remaining blue fondant 1/4 in. thick and about 18 in. round. Lightly spray paisley texture mat with vegetable pan spray; remove excess with paper towel. Place rolled out fondant over mat. With rolling pin starting in the center, roll fondant over mat, being careful to roll over fondant just once. Return rolling pin to center of fondant and roll remaining fondant over mat in same way. Brush cake drum with piping gel; cover with fondant, imprinted side up, carefully wrapping the fondant over the edges of the drum.

Step 4

Step 4: Decorate Cake Layers and Stack

Place 12 in. cake on turntable. While slowly turning turntable, lightly spray top and upper sides of cake with Green Color Mist. Allow color to dry, about 5 minutes. Place cake on fondant covered cake drum. Place 6 in. baking pan on turntable; carefully balance 9 in. cake on pan. While slowly turning turntable, lightly spray bottom sides of the cake with Green Color Mist; lightly spray upper sides and top of cake with Orange Color Mist. Allow color to dry about 5 minutes; stack on 12 in. cake. Place 6 in. cake on baking pan; spray bottom sides of cake with Orange Color Mist. Allow mist to dry about 5 minutes; stack on 9 in. layer. Dowel rod cake for stability.

Step 5

Step 5: Add Fondant Detail to Cake

Using remaining tinted fondant, make paisley shapes. Press fondant into paisley candy mold which has been lightly wiped with vegetable pan spray. To remove fondant from mold without altering shape, gently press small amount of fondant onto back of shape; pull to release shape. Brush back of shape with piping gel; press onto cake sides. Tint thinned royal icing pink, peach, yellow, green and blue; pipe Tip 2 dots and fine details on fondant shapes.

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