Projects: Crafts

A Downpour of Shower Favors

Favors are an important part of a shower or big party. When homemade, they have extra meaning.

A Rose, Is a Rose, Is a Party Favor

Clip-on Roses and Flower Pens are perfect party favors. Each serves double duty as place cards which the party guests can then take home.

Bears A Close Resemblance

What an adorable party favor or thank you gift! Create it with clay, markers and add a photo you took at the party!

Candy Classic Gingerbread House

Baked. . . assembled. . . and ready to decorate. Your creative fun begins right away.

Clay Heart Frame

Kid's play clay makes a picture-perfect frame when molded in our Silicone Heart. Add any color you choose using FoodWriter™ Markers.

Diva CD Favors

Follow these simple instructions using the honoree’s favorite colors, add your own decorative embellishments and Voila! fun, personalized party favors.

Gift Decorating Tips

Decorating gift packaging, such as a Cake Box or Treat Bag can seem a bit daunting at first – a small treat sack presents a suddenly huge blank canvas. Rest assured, however, you may only need to go as far as your desk drawer, and maybe into your gift-wrapping or scrap-booking supplies, to create a unique and memorable homemade gift.

Hoppy Easter Bunny

Imagine the fun kids will have decorating this happy hutch for Easter! A great springtime project that makes the perfect centerpiece.

Shower Invitations

Use your creativity and imagination to create invitations to match the cake and personality of the honoree. Each of these invitations started with the same stationery color and style. Get inspiration from the many ready-to-use scrapbook embellishments available at your local craft store!

Snow-Frosted Fir

This festive tree is so easy to make with a pre-baked tree kit. Great family fun that makes a beautiful holiday centerpiece or hostess gift.

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.