Projects: Desserts

"Dirt Cup" Desserts

A combination of candy with pudding in a fanciful "dish" – no one will be able to resist! The perfect garden party treat, or let the kids assemble these for Mom's special day.

Almond Berry Tart

A light dessert appropriate for even heavy meals. Vary the berries, or add other fruit, using what looks freshest at the market.

Almond Florentine Nut Cups

When warm, these delicate almond-infused lace cookies form perfectly, making them ideal for so many serving occasions! Whether you prefer cups, horns or cannoli shapes, you’ll impress guests young and old when you serve dessert.

Apple Cranberry Cobbler

Cobblers are similar to pies, but feature the crust on top. Here the apple shaped pastry mirrors the filling inside. The vibrant colored sugars add sparkle as well as a slightly sweet touch.

Bedazzling Layered Stars

They shimmer, they shine, these multi-layered stars are the perfect side dish or simple dessert for your holiday celebration.

Biplane Flight

From the early days of flying to today's acrobatic stunt flying, the biplane is the quintessential airplane. This treat features a trio of everyone's favorites – ice cream cones, crisp rice cereal treats and candy – in a "plane" package that will thrill everyone.

Bodacious Brownies

Everyday brownies take on party airs when dusted with confectioners' sugar.

Brownie Gallery

Making brownies festive and fun can be as simple as just a sprinkle or 2. Even a novice can easily achieve. We’ve highlighted a few ideas – now let your imagination run wild!

Brownie Hearts

Adding your own personal touch to goodies is as easy as a sprinkling of confectioners' sugar. Or, add a pink heart center, accented with red colored sugars.

Cake Ball Treats

Cake balls are the latest dessert hit. So easy to make. So much fun to decorate. Let your imagination run wild!

Candy Ice Cream Cups

The perfect edible container for dessert, snacks or a take home treat.

Candy-Dipped Snacks

Just about any snack you love can be made more delicious with a dip in melted candy. Whether you used cherries or strawberries, pretzels or potato chips, cookies or crackers, dipping is easy, with little or no preparation needed.

Chocolate Bombe with Raspberry Sauce

Typically frozen, our version of this impressive, rich dessert features creamy smooth mousse in an easy-to-make chocolate shell. Served on a vibrant, tasty pureed raspberry sauce, this dessert is "dressed to impress."

Chocolate Drizzled Croquembouche

A French favorite, this version uses convenient frozen cream puffs you buy at the supermarket. Candy Melt Ganache holds the "tree" together, and also takes the place of the spun sugar traditionally woven around the outside of this special guest dessert.

Circus Train Treats

All aboard! When the circus train pulls into town, it’s a signal of fun times to come. These train-inspired treats, with adorable “wild” creatures” are a sign of yummy sweets in the future!

Cocoa Kabobs

Young and old alike will love these chocolate-y treats! The elegant look makes it the perfect treat for so many occasions.

Cones Go For A Dip

Our portable desserts are the perfect finish for July 4th or any star-studded occasion. Each cone is filled with crisped rice cereal treat mixture and topped by a trio of star lollipops.

Cordial Cups

Here’s an elegant way to serve dessert. Mold a candy cup and fill it with a swirl of mousse or ice cream—also a perfect cup for after-dinner liqueurs!

Crunchy, Crispy Cakes

When is a cake not a cake? When it’s a crisped rice cereal treat disguised as a cake! It’s the best of both worlds. Make these easy, fun treats ahead of time and enjoy the party.

Dad's Brownies

Anyone would find these brownies difficult to resist. When they have special “Dad”-themed candles … Dad will just “eat them up!” Tint the buttercream icing to match your candle theme. Candles and cake toppers make decorating so simple!

Deep Dish Apple Pie

Everyone loves apple pie, and it's simple to make when you use refrigerated pie crust. The apple pastry cut-outs add a seasonal touch, and keep the pie from getting soggy.

Easy Completion!

Nobody at the tailgate party will pass on this cocoa rice cereal treat! Molded in the First & Ten Football Pan and easily decorated with outline stitches and zigzag stripe icing, it’s a quick way to score points before, during or after the game.

Enchanted Dragon

Get it While It's Fresh and Hot!

It’s coffee and dessert - all in one! A perky candy cup holds a generous swirl of rich whipped ganache topped by candy steam curls. An ideal treat for showers, Mother’s Day or any elegant event.

Gooey Peanut Butter Treats

Hey Mom! Add some fun to plain cereal treats by adding rich peanut flavor then making fun shapes with cookie cutters and sprinkles!

Graham Cracker Bars

These quick-to-make bars are so versatile, and you probably have all the ingredients needed in your cupboard. From whimsical to sophisticated, the variations are endless. Making 24 large bars in a single recipe, they’re the perfect classroom or party treats, ideal for big crowds. We show you 3 ingredient combinations… be creative and try some of your own!

Hazelnut Sticky Buns

In the Dog House

Make man’s best friend the centerpiece of your next party – or host a party for your pet, inviting neighborhood pets with their human best friends! In place of a cake for the pet owners pleasure, a crispy rice cereal treat is used.

In The Garden Fruit and Cookie Pops

Cookies and fruit are a tasty treat combination, whether for family or a special event. Putting them on sticks makes them extra-special. They’re so easy to make at home …a variety of metal cutters simplifies things. Here we’ve chosen a garden theme with flowers and insects galore, but any other themed cutters are equally fun!

Jiggly Cupcake Treats

Put a shake in your “cupcakes”! Make ‘em dazzle by filling baking cups with our Gelatin Treats recipe instead of cake batter. After molding the gelatin, pipe an easy whipped icing swirl on top. See how step by step.

Long-Necked Blondie Treats

An ordinary bar cookie becomes fun when turned into these adorable giraffes. A simple stocking cookie cutter is used to cut the shape, then simple bag and tip decorating turns the cut out into your personal long-necked giraffe.

Marshmallow Pops

These whimsical treats are decorated marshmallows on a stick. There are several iconic treats for each season that are such fun to create!

Melanie's Double Chocolate Bread Pudding

Two types of chocolate and toasted macadamia nuts, transform a cozy, Southern classic, the ultimate comfort food into a decadent treat that's super rich and moist.

Monkey Pops

For fun by the barrel-full, shape your favorite cocoa crisped cereal treats into easy chimp chums. Decorate the face with ease using melted candy.

Monstrous Merriment

Bigfoot is back! These beastly rice cereal treats are easy to make--just pack the mixture into footed silicone baking cups, ice and add fun candy trims.

Orange Blossom Special

This refreshing flower made with gelatin and whipped icing will be a brunch or luncheon favorite. Shaped pans are great for molding gelatin and ice cream with fun details.

Party Popcorn Treats

Here’s proof that popcorn can fit any party theme or scheme! Just make this basic Marshmallow Treats recipe – with popcorn – press into colorful silicone or paper baking cups and add a favorite fun topping – colored sugar, icing decoration, sprinkles.

Pirate Ship

Pocket Pie Pops

Pocket pies combine a classic dessert in an updated package. We’ve put them on sticks to make them even more exciting. Pocket Pies are the perfect in-hand dessert. Choose your favorite pie filling and decorate in any fashion.

Pom Pom Mum Brownies

Brownies become extra special with a colorful mum as decoration. Pull-out stars, a technique anyone can master, create these multi-toned pom pom mums.

Popcorn Balls

Popcorn transforms from the ordinary to extraordinary when mixed with marshmallow, topped with an icing decoration or sprinkles, and served from a baking cup. Who knew special treats were so simple?

Ready To Party Crispy Treat

Crispy cereal treats are always fun, and when they're big, like a cake, presented on a fun stand with feet and decorated so we're ready to party, it becomes the centerpiece of any celebration. Using purchased candy makes this party treat easy to decorate.

Rocky the Pony

Rocking horses are always fun, and this treat is no exception. Bright and colorful, this cereal treat tastes great too.

Silly Poppers!

Have a ball with silly-faced popcorn balls which stand up in footed baking cups! Fun candy decorations make it easy to give these friendly freaks their entertaining personalities!

Stars Cake Pops

These star pops are the perfect treat for so many occasions. Decorate with 1, 2, 3 or 4 colors for a festive, tasty way to pay tribute to the graduate or a favorite sports team. The honoree’s favorite colors are another great way to decorate these pops.

Strawberry Shortcakes

A simple way to showcase fresh strawberries, or any other in-season fruit. Delicious and special.

Sunny Funny Bunny!

Perfect for springtime gatherings or a fun treat any time, kids will love this bunny’s sunny face, and everyone will love the easy preparation. Popcorn is made into a marshmallow treat then packed into a shaped pan for a cute – and delicious – dessert everyone can share.

Sweet Supreme Cookie Pizza

Everyone will take a double take when this pizza comes to the table. It looks like the local pizzeria’s finest Supreme variety. On closer inspection, they’ll see the ingredients make this a yummy dessert.

Swirls on Swirls Cheesecake

Brownies and cheesecake – a dynamic dessert duo! Your guests will be impressed when you tell them you made this treat yourself - they don’t need to know how easy it was to prepare!

Tri-Dipped Cake Pops

Dipping in three different candy colors creates an elegant rainbow effect with minimal effort. So easy, even novice decorators can make this look effortless.

Using Premade Decorations

Nothing makes decorating treats easier than using premade decorations. There are so many choices – from colorful icing decs to holiday toppers, festive sprinkles to seasonal picks. Endless options for any occasion!

Wacky Tree Treat

This tree comes to life with its happy face and colorful candy “leaves”. Everyone’s favorite marshmallow-cereal treats make up the base and tree; icing decorations add to the tranquil scene. No baking skills required!

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.