Projects: Cupcakes

American Beauty Cupcakes

Cupcakes... dress them up as you please. Look how one pretty buttercream rose adds to their simple charms. Give a different color rose for each guest.

Balloons Aloft Cupcakes

Let your cupcakes help carry the party look. The bold primary colored balloons piped on top can match the real balloons you use to decorate the room!

Be A Team Player

Choose your sport—these teams are all winners! The team party is the perfect place for these fun cupcakes.

Blooming Bright Cupcakes

This fun “flower arrangement” shows you how important presentation can be. Even smooth iced cupcakes can become so much more to set the tone for the celebration.

Buccaneer Buddies

Ahoy, Maties! These swashbucklers will be the hit of any pirate-themed party. Single serving and oh-so-cute, no one will be able to resist!

Candy Ice Cream Cups

The perfect edible container for dessert, snacks or a take home treat.

Caterpillar Cupcakes

It’s a great transformation—from a single cupcake into a big, colorful party treat! So simple, with tops iced in various colors and legs or antennae made from licorice and spice drops.

Coastline Cupcakes

Individual treats are more popular than ever, and since a single batch of batter can make at least 2 dozen, why not mix it up a bit and offer a variety of decorations, all so easy-to-do. Perfect for any beach-themed bash!

Confetti Cupcakes

With just a little help from you, a cupcake becomes a thing of beauty! Top each treat with a simple icing swirl, then add the confetti sprinkles and a candle.

Cool Zoo Cupcakes

Toppers are a quick way to dress up cupcakes—and give little guests something fun to take home.

Craving Chocolate Cupcakes

The look is chunky, the taste is chocolate! Amidst the icing swirls are tempting candy wafers and chips for a sinfully delicious treat.

Cuddly Brown Cupcake Bear

This cute bear comes together with the help of standard and mini cupcakes. Kids will just love to help bake and assemble cupcakes as this sweetie come to life.

Cupcake Decorating In an Instant - Sprinkles and Candies

Nothing says party more than candles and when the theme matches the interests or personality of the honored guest, it only adds to the celebration! Make the baking cups match – even better!

Cupcake Fruit Bowl

Eating fruit was never tastier! All it takes is a basic round tip to make these cherries, grapes, apples and pears – even beginners will be successful! Inside, there’s a secret ingredient: avocado (also a fruit) accentuated with a perky trio of citrus flavors.

Cupcake Presentation

Ordinary cupcakes or mini cakes become party perfect as simply as arranging them in special ways on a foil-wrapped cake board or platter.

Cupid Cupcakes

Daisy Treats

Display cute bite-sized treats on a Mini Cupcake Stand for a perfect serve-yourself centerpiece at birthday parties, school events and just about any celebration. The daisy sprinkles are an easy way to add a dash of color to plain iced cupcakes.

Day Brightener Cupcakes!

Color up cupcakes quickly with easy-squeeze flowers in tube icing or a tinted piping gel fish pond.

Delicate Blossoms

It's a feast of color, as pretty pastel blossoms drape over a contrasting iced cupcake. These flowers have an elegant natural look, thanks to their piped white edging and a dazzling sprinkle of Cake Sparkles.

Family Forever Cupcakes

Family reunions, picnics and other gatherings are some of the greatest reasons to celebrate. Here we treat every family member to a cupcake with his or her likeness.

Fields of Flowers

Crown these king-size muffins with flowers that rule. It's a lush blanket of lovely pink and yellow drop flowers atop a field of green buttercream. Pure magic!

Fields of Flowers Cupcakes

The easy star and leaf techniques bring fresh spring colors and an elegant texture to simple flower cupcakes. Ideal for Mom’s Day, your next bridge club get-together or office gatherings.

Flights of Fancy Butterfly Cupcakes

This swarm of butterflies has perched on some simple cupcakes adding color and dimension that will draw “oohs!” and “aahs!” from all who see them.

Flowers & Candy Cupcakes

Everyone will love these edible flowers! The petals are flattened spice drops, which are fanned in a circle for a fully-blossomed look.

Freezer Pleaser Cupcakes

For an ice cream theme so easy you'll be able to chill out before the party, try these colorful cupcakes topped with novelty shaped candles. For an added treat, serve up a frozen couple scoops on the side.

Frilly Flower Petal Cupcakes

These frill-packed flower cupcakes feature lovely fondant loop petals. What a great way to add flair to birthday or brunch treats!

Frisky Felines

Put out these cats at the party and watch the fur fly! With candy features, the decorating is quick and easy-perfect for kids to make and eat!

Fruitful Cupcakes

Everyday candies can provide a bushel full of easy decorating ideas! Create grape clusters with candy-coated dots, whip up a frenzy of fruit-shaped candies and deck the cupcakes with holly made of cinnamon drops and spearmint leaves.

Gum Paste Mums

Gum paste allows you to make finely-detailed flower petals and leaves that can look amazingly realistic. They dry hard and keep forever, allowing you to make them in advance – especially nice if you have a lot of treats to make!

Have-A-Ball Cupcakes

Every season’s in play on an action-packed cupcake display! Just ice the tops smooth and add the stitched detail—every one’s a winner.

Hello, Copter!

Helicopters are such fun! And, when you can eat them, the fun gets even better. This cupcake copter is easy to make. A wafer cookie and candy simplify decorating. The captain’s face can be made from scratch, or start with a candy and easily draw the face with edible markers.

Holly Wreath Cupcakes

There’s always time to create festive cupcakes—even in the busy holiday season. Simply ice smooth, then position the candy-coated chocolate wreath and you’re good to go!

Initially Yours

The perfect way to personalize cupcakes for weddings, showers, birthdays and engagement parties. Pipe melted candy initials in your own writing style, refrigerate to set and position on cupcakes. It's a little touch that gives the occasion a special feeling!

Jiggly Cupcake Treats

Put a shake in your “cupcakes”! Make ‘em dazzle by filling baking cups with our Gelatin Treats recipe instead of cake batter. After molding the gelatin, pipe an easy whipped icing swirl on top. See how step by step.

Jolly Jack-O-Lantern Cupcakes

This merry patch of pumpkins are so easy to decorate. Fondant toppers give the cupcakes character; FoodWriter edible color markers make adding details a cinch.

Kaleidoscope Cupcakes

These multi-colored treats are as colorful on the inside as they are on the outside. We show you how easy it is to decorate in a rainbow of colors.

Kolorful Kaleidoscope Kupcakes!

Candy and sprinkles do all the work on these simply iced treats. It’s a dazzling mixture of color and tastes everyone will enjoy.

Large Candy Dessert Shells

Not the same old sundaes—these are much more colorful and fun, served in a rainbow of candy cups on a cool dessert stand. Plus—no dishes to wash!

Little Blossom Cupcakes

Another fun way to top cupcakes—easy flowers with swirled petals add just the right touch of color to the celebration.

Little Peepers

Serve up a flock of fun! Kids and adults alike will love little chick cupcakes for springtime brunches, Easter treats, birthdays and more. They're easy too, using Candy Melts wafers for the head and pull-out leaves for wings.

Monster Muncher Cupcakes

Cupcakes can become real characters! Using pull-out stars and gumballs, it’s easy to create a furry friend for everyone’s plate.

Monstrous Merriment

Bigfoot is back! These beastly rice cereal treats are easy to make--just pack the mixture into footed silicone baking cups, ice and add fun candy trims.

My Country Cupcakes

Cupcakes are hot because they're perfect for those special, easy decorating touches.

Nature's Creature Cupcakes

It’s easy to create individual treats, each with its own fun personality. Your guests will just love the time you took to personalize these—don’t tell them how little time it took!

Party Starter Cupcakes

Plain cupcakes dress for the party in a hurry—just top them with fun candles in favorite celebration shapes.

Pink Petal Cupcakes

Another fun way to top cupcakes—easy flowers with swirled petals add just the right touch of color to the celebration.


These irresistible puppies always bring applause-they're as fun to make as they are to serve. Kids will love seeing them come to life with candy-coated chocolate eyes and nose and ears shaped with chocolate nougat.

Ready for Bath Time

Everything’s ducky for this shower dessert. Easy-to-make cupcakes surround a simple round cake decorated as a cute ruffled bib made from simple-to-do stars. The duck theme is so easy to achieve when you accent with colorful baking cups, icing decorations and candles.

Roaring Good Cupcakes

Bring a stampede of fun to your next children’s party. It’s easy to turn simple cupcakes into ferocious beast feasts by adding simple pull-out leaves cute Jungle Animal Candles.

Safari Cupcakes

Whether an accompaniment to the Wildlife Safari Cake or served alone, cupcakes become a trek to the jungle in a snap. Spatula ice each treat, add the lifelike animal topper and a few tufts of icing "grass".

Score Big!

Cupcakes always add fun to the celebration - and they are big winners for you, too, because they are quick and easy to make.

Silly Poppers!

Have a ball with silly-faced popcorn balls which stand up in footed baking cups! Fun candy decorations make it easy to give these friendly freaks their entertaining personalities!

Sophisticated Cupcakes

Cupcakes that look this good cost quite a bit from the local cupcake bakery. It’s all in the presentation – and anyone can do this! Bake sale we’re ready!

Sporting Fun Cupcakes

You can field a great-looking batch of cupcakes with ease. Cover the tops with easy pull-out grass, then add the fantastic finish—a colorful sports icing decoration.

Star-Studded Celebration

When you need fun treats in no time, use colorful baking cups and ready-made decorations to your advantage. Here, jumbo stars sprinkle decoration dazzle on top, while bright striped baking cups pull everything together.

Summer Breeze Margarita Cupcakes

Perfect for taking it easy on those hazy, lazy days - simple iced cupcakes in refreshing colors, topped by candles which carry your party theme. The baking is just as easy using bright silicone cups - no muffin pan needed.

Sweet Flower Cupcakes

No decorating experience needed for these sweet treats! The perfect dessert for Mother’s Day, a garden party or any summer gathering.

They Spark Excitement!

These bright cupcakes with swirls of colorful icing, candy-coated chocolate and cheerful candles bring the smiles with them so everyone knows it's time to have fun!

Using Premade Decorations

Nothing makes decorating treats easier than using premade decorations. There are so many choices – from colorful icing decs to holiday toppers, festive sprinkles to seasonal picks. Endless options for any occasion!

Wrappers and Pix

Whether you bake them yourself or pick up a dozen from the supermarket bakery aisle, cupcakes become “your own” when you surround them in colorful themed wrappers, top with matching Pix and add a shake of sprinkles or sugars. In just seconds you’ve made them special ...bake sale here we come!

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