Projects: Candy

A Bucket of Monkey’s

These candy monkeys display their high jinks on lollipop sticks. Their priceless expressions warn of the mischief that might come next!

A Crown of Honor

Everyone deserves a crown! Best of all, you can eat this one.

Baby Face Pops

Shower guests will be all smiles when these babies appear at the table! With a plain baking cup and ribbon bow, it’s an easy way to capture the spirit of the day.


Candy bark takes just minutes to make but it wears so many hats! An elegant housewarming or hostess gift, a homemade “thank you” for your child’s teacher, or a tasty snack everyone in the family will enjoy!

Basket of Fruit (Candy)

Bear Hugs for Baby

A shower cake doesn´t get more adorable than this--or any easier to decorate! Rolled fondant is the key. Just cover your iced cake with pink fondant, then add quilted detail with the Cutter/Embosser. With cute candies in baby shapes all around, it´s a great way to welcome baby–and your guests.

Boutonniere Bonbons

Wouldn’t these rose-shaped candies make perfect treats for showers or Mother’s Day? With a shaped mold, all you do is melt and pour the candy, let set and unmold.

Buttercup Party Cups

Here’s how to serve simple store-bought candies with style! Dress them up within a colorful cup filled with cereal treats and topped by a long-stem flower made with icing decorations and spearmint leaves.

Butterfly Snacks

Mini pretzels take flight when filled with candy and turned into pretty butterfly shapes. We’ve decorated the butterflies with decorative sugars, sprinkles and mini candies for added insect bling!

Candy “Tacos”

You don’t need to love Mexican food to love these tacos. Any sweet lover will appreciate these fun treats … a delicious combination of chocolate cupcake and candy, all hand-held!

Candy Clay Flowers

Part wacky, part real, these edible flowers add wow to any treat they’re a part of. Marshmallows or molded peanut butter cups form the base; boldly colored, easy to work with Candy Clay create the petals and leaves.

Candy Clusters

This is as easy and delicious as candy-making gets. Peanuts, coconut, raisins, mini marshmallows, crisped rice cereal—all taste great mixed with melted candy.

Candy Cut-Outs

Cookie cutters aren’t just for cookies! Use them to make a fun candy treat in no time at all. Give them as gifts, use them as party favors or simply enjoy!

Candy Dessert Cups

The perfect edible container for dessert, snacks or a take home treat.

Candy Heart

There's nothing sweeter than a candy heart. Silicone molds offer great detail with amazingly easy release.

Candy Place Markers

You can easily mold a candy plaque in any baking pan. We’ve used the mini loaf here for just the right size to mark kids’ places.

Candy Safari on Sticks

The combination of candy and cookie can’t be beat, and when they feature friendly jungle animals who can resist? Special candy molds make these treats so easy to create. They are perfect for goodie bags or gifts, and are a hit at any bake sale!

Candy Shells

Candy cups are the perfect edible container for desserts or snacks and remarkably easy to make. By varying the colors of candy used or changing the decorations on top, treats in candy are perfect in any season!

Candy-Dipped Coffee Spoons

Wake up their coffee with spoons that stir the delicious candy flavor right in! A fun icing flower is the perfect special touch.


With all these pretty petals at the party, it’s got to be spring! They prove that even first-timers can make great-looking candy with easy-to-use candy molds. Try these classic lollipops at each shower place setting, inserted in a craft foam base.

Fun Fudgy Flowers

Flowers never smelled (or tasted) so sweet! It’s easy to get that perfect blossom shape when you press our delicious fudge recipes into a pretty metal cutter, a shaped pan or shaped silicone cup. Great for Mother’s Day, brunches, showers and so much more.

Garden Lollipop Bouquet

Easy-to-make candy pops are a cute gift for your hostess or a fun way to serve a sweet treat. The fun presentation will bring a smile to everyone.

Gifts from the Sea

Delicious candy seashells and starfish with marbleized details make great loot for party bags.

Gingerbread Truffles

Can't you almost taste Christmas? Everyone will gather round to sample our easy Gingerbread Truffles. They're great to make ahead and have on hand for holiday entertaining.

Halloween Howls Cake

It All Adds Up

It’s a win-win situation. Cookie grids and candy numbers. What’s not to love with this tasty puzzle!

Italian Cream Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Candy and cake combine for a cake made to impress. Every inch of this cake is edible. Candy clay decorations are as easy as working with modeling clay and they’re sweet tasting. Make them in advance, so decorating the cake is less stressful at the last minute.

Mint Swirl Candies

You’ll discover how easy molding candy can be with these pretty swirled discs. A hint of mint makes them irresistible!

Monkey Mischief!

Candy monkeys display their shenanigans everywhere on our cake. Made with candy molds and a shaped pan, candies make quick and easy-to-create decorations for any cake, cupcake or favorite dessert.

Monogram Candy Pops

A cookie pop pan makes one big lollipop – the perfect party take-home treat! Color the candy to match the party theme. Yum!

Pearlized Posies

Create a gift that shines! A candy shell pot filled with a delicious cookie bouquet that shimmers and glistens.

Red, White and Blue Bark

Ready-colored candy and flavored sprinkles make this project so easy! Both the appearance and taste are amazing, too. Use as a sweet treat for those patriotic picnics, as a quick summer hostess gift or for a tasty snack any time of the year.

Rose Tree Bouquet

Everything's coming up roses, even lollipops. The perfect treat for Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day, a garden party or any occasion. Shaped candy molds and easy-to-use Candy Melts make preparation simple.

Sun Time Candy Plaque

Every hour of summer is sweet - and this easy to make plaque is the perfect treat for a sunshine celebration.

Sweet Smilin' Suckers

Put on a happy face! Just decorate the molded pops with the fun cocoa candy features!

Sweet Stars Candy Cake

Don’t forget candy as a great way to add excitement to cakes. Star lollipops above icing rosettes are sure to make guests sit up and take notice!

Teacher's Candy Mug

Any teacher would count themselves lucky to get this cookie and candy-pop gift. It’s an easy-to-make way to say thanks for a great year.

Telling Time Candy Plaque

A fun, and tasty, way to learn how to tell time!

Treat-za Pizza

Here's a real sweetie pie – this pizza is made of kids' favorite goodies, from the cookie crust to the cocoa cereal "sausage" and candy "sauce", "cheese" and "peppers". The perfect birthday party dessert!

Underwater Wonders

There are so many wonders under the sea – and on the party table! This fun-to-make submarine features them all – cookies, candy, and cake all in one treat!

Wacky Flower Cake

A rich, chocolate-y cake is the base of this colorful – edible – flower garden. All the flower decorations are made from moldable Candy Clay!

Wacky Tree Treat

This tree comes to life with its happy face and colorful candy “leaves”. Everyone’s favorite marshmallow-cereal treats make up the base and tree; icing decorations add to the tranquil scene. No baking skills required!

Yummy Bears

The flexible Silicone Bear Mold makes it so easy to create these delicious treats. They are simple to unmold and fun to decorate with melted candy in parchment bags.

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