Projects: Cakes

"Guests Not Pests" Cake

Our brightly-colored bugs will create quite a buzz at your next outdoor gathering! The shapes come together in a flash using tinted fondant rolled into balls and logs.

3D Dinosaur Cake

This friendly dinosaur will be the hit of any party! No one will guess he started out life as a bear cake. We’ve added an edible tail and arms. While the decorating looks complicated, this mix of icing stars and Candy Melt candy spikes is really easy to do.

A Basket of Posies

Flower baskets come in all shapes and sizes and so do edible baskets, like this square cake sprouting with fondant and royal icing blossoms. This treat introduces a brand new basketweave technique using rolled fondant strips.

A Birthday Bouquet

A burst of blossoms gives this cake its breezy attitude. Brilliantly colorful flowers and a vivid violet message create a birthday design to remember.

A Bronze Beauty

A dusting of bronze gives a regal appearance to this cake appointed with ribbon roses and graceful drapes. This cake makes an elegant centerpiece with shimmer and shine for any celebration.

A Burst of Autumn

Rich hues of orange, brown and golden yellow add a warm, welcoming glow to this opulent oval cake. The perfect centerpiece for fall celebrations and Thanksgiving feasts.

A Fondant Tree For Every Season – Autumn Leaves Tree

A cake made in a single pan gets dressed up for different occasions using fondant and simple decorations anyone can do. Nothing says fall more than colorful leaves, and this tree cake showcases brilliant fondant foliage anyone can make using pre-colored fondant and cookie cutters.

A Fondant Tree For Every Season – Butterfly Tree

A cake made in a single pan gets dressed up for different occasions using fondant and simple decorations anyone can do. Everyone can successfully decorate a cake like this using pre-made flower and butterfly icing decorations – oh so easy!

A Fondant Tree For Every Season – Flocked Winter Tree

A cake made in a single pan gets dressed up for different occasions using fondant and simple decorations anyone can do. Here, a fondant imprint mat adds the easy-to-follow design which is filled in with buttercream icing. Red fondant cardinals add that winter holiday touch.

A Fondant Tree For Every Season – Mother's Day Tree

A cake made in a single pan gets dressed up for different occasions using fondant and simple decorations anyone can do. Every Mom deserves flowers, and when that bouquet is on a cake, it’s even more special. Choose your favorite pre-made flower icing decorations – oh so easy!

A Peachy Present!

Decorating with fondant allows you to have beautifully-cut shapes and easy decorating in one package. Cut-Outs easily create perfectly-shaped raised daisies and the Fondant Ribbon Cutter/Embosser simplifies making the perfect pinked-edge ribbon.

A Tisket A Tasket…A Fruit-Filled Basket

The perfect garden party treat, the combination of daisies and strawberries in a cake that wows … it just says spring! The traditional buttercream basketweave technique is quick and easy to do, but oh so impressive!

Aces Wild Cake

Whether the game is hearts or rummy, poker or pinochle … even Old Maid … everyone will get a kick out of this oh-so-simple card cake. Starting with a basic sheet cake, decorate this cake in any card suit or number you please. It's easy with ready-colored rolled fondant.

Adorable Baby Buggy Cake

This pretty shower cake couldn’t be easier to decorate, using easy-to-shape rolled fondant and royal icing flowers made in advance.

All Wrapped Up In Chocolate and Pink!

You'll have the compliments all wrapped up when you serve this cake. While the design looks intricate, even fondant novices will find these decorations easy to make.

Animals on Parade Cake

This merry herd of jungle creatures parades around a simple cake to bring cheer to one and all. Stamping edible color onto fondant plaques makes these decorations easy to do. Edible decorating paper stars, diamonds, and rounds shoot through the sky adding colorful flair.

Apple Basket Cake

This beautiful bushel holds a harvest of red and green apples--ripe and ready for birthdays and seasonal celebrations. Because the lattice is piped on the cake top, rather than the sides, it's easy to do. The Apple Spice Cake alone, will quickly become a family favorite!

Apple Twist Cake

The hearty colors of our apple cake will have real appeal for your guests! Decorating is a breeze with rolled fondant-even the bottom border is done with a simple twist.

April Showers Bring Rainbows Cake

Nothing brightens your spirits more than spotting a rainbow after a spring shower! This brightly hued cake will bring smiles at any occasion it’s served at.

Around The World Cake

The adorable costumed cookie kids that surround this cake coax a smile from anyone! While this cake takes time to decorate, simple fondant decorating techniques assure that anyone, no matter what your decorating skill level can make this cake. We used costumes from 3 different countries: Ireland, Scotland and Holland. Personalize your cake with costumes from other countries; mix and match or choose just one!

Artist's Garden Brushed Embroidery Cake

This petal cake represents the flower with colorful butterflies landing all over it. Multiple layers of brush embroidery color creates this whimsical design. Delicious peach melba cake inside will wow all!

Autumn Carpenter’s Paisley Cake

Brilliant color and retro shapes make this a stunning cake! While it looks bakery-perfect, with a little time and the easy step-by-step instructions, anyone can make this showpiece cake.

Baby Mine! Quilted Cake

The perfect shower centerpiece. Guests will "ooh" and "ah"!

Baby's First Birthday Bear Cake

Teddy bears are an important part of a baby's world and the perfect focus for a toddler's first birthday party. Set atop vibrantly-hued cake layers, this cake serves a crowd!

Barnyard Beauty

This cute little guy will be the novel guest of honor at school parties, birthday celebrations and animal themed get-togethers.

Bear Hugs for Baby

A shower cake doesn´t get more adorable than this--or any easier to decorate! Rolled fondant is the key. Just cover your iced cake with pink fondant, then add quilted detail with the Cutter/Embosser. With cute candies in baby shapes all around, it´s a great way to welcome baby–and your guests.

Bearing Birthday Balloons Cake

Tiered cakes don’t always have to be for weddings, showers or anniversaries. You can treat the smallest guest of honor to this fun-loving birthday combination: Cuddly Bear on top of a brightly dotted Sheet Cake. Let the party begin!

Bee Hive Cake

Sweet, delicious honey cake takes on a whimsical appearance when baked to look like the hive its signature ingredient came from. The cast aluminum pan bakes a cake with amazing honeycomb-like detail. Friendly fondant bees, formed in candy molds, adds to the fun.

Berry Bonanza Cake

A fresh look to match your freshly-picked berries. Easy-to-pipe icing vines and leaves bring the glories of the garden inside. Guests enjoy the tart taste of raspberries on vines, at the border and as a filling between the layers.

Berry Star Cake

A brilliant way to showcase fresh berries in a delicious star-studded dessert.

Best Wishes Squared Cake

Flowers on cakes are the most popular decoration—you’ll make these easy and quick using an imprinted design and a special icing technique—brush embroidery.

Bird in Brush Embroidery

A single simple pattern created all the birds “perched” on this cake. Easy-to-do brushed embroidery in a rainbow of colors adds impressive fine detail. The straightforward bead bottom borders add a finishing touch without detracting from the overall cake decoration.

Birthday Buddies Celebrate the 1st

No doubt which birthday we're celebrating here! A shaped pan makes decorating the details of this #1 cake easy enough for a beginner. The individual-sized smash cakes are spatula iced with easy to pipe face details all oh-so-simple to do.

Black Forest Cake with Cherry Bowl Topper

Black Forest Cake, with its quintessential chocolate-cherry combination, is a culinary classic. The presentation here has been updated. The cherries that typically top the cake are placed in a cream-filled chocolate bowl that is amazingly easy to make.

Bold and Beautiful Floral Cake

Flowers take on dramatic flair when the color scheme is black and white. Using a fondant imprint mat makes this cake easy to do. The single elegant monogram cake topper is equally simple to make and is the perfect way to personalize a cake for weddings, engagement or anniversary parties or that special birthday celebration.

Bold and Bright Butterfly Cake

This vivid display of butterflies in flight all on a tasty diamond-shaped cake will put a smile on every guest’s face! Vary the fondant colors to fit specific party color schemes.

Bold Lace!

Chocolate lace, with a malted milk ball accompaniment …Yum! No one will be able to resist.

Bright Vivid Dazzling Field of Flowers

Bring the inner flower child out in all your party guests. This retro cake combines tie-dye effects and neon hues with a retro-flavored cake that has a secret ingredient few guests will be able to identify … beets!

Bright With White Cake

Covered in bright colors and distinctive dot detailing, this fondant bow tops a cake perfect for your party!

Brimming with Roses

The world's favorite flower is celebrated in all its glory, underscored with graceful dotted scrolls.

Butterflies Take Flight

Colorful fondant butterflies fly in and out of a field of cupped fondant flowers in multiple shades of pink on the side of this beautiful cake. It's the perfect centerpiece for a garden party, bridal shower, small wedding, or Mother's Day event.

Buttons & Bows Cake

Calla Lily Cake

The graceful calla lily has long been a popular wedding flower, but now it’s making appearances at other celebrations as well. The fondant calla lilies on this cake add breathtaking color and detail! Using a Calla Lily Former Set, these beautiful flowers are easier than ever to make.

Campers Delight

Cakes aren’t much more fun than this campsite scene. We have swimmers bobbing in the lake, hot dogs roasting over an open fire and snakes slithering through the tents. Bet you can smell the evergreens … this may look difficult, but making these campers is as easy as playing with modeling clay. Guests will never guess the cake was originally the shape of a guitar!

Candy Burst Chocolate Cake

From the candy plaques that frame the cake to the “candles” made from candy on top, this cake screams colorful and sweet! Best of all, it’s so easy to do, even novice decorators can make this!

Candy Castle Cake with Gummy Sentries

A purchased cake decorating kit transforms any cake – rectangle, round, square, or even a hexagon – into a castle. The decorating is so simple – choose your cake (even store bought), then add the castle pieces and any variety candies you choose. VOILA – instant enchantment! This version lines up gummy bears as castle sentries, substitutes sugar ice cream cones for some of the pointed turret peaks and includes candy-coated chocolate dots in multiple hues.

Candy Cone Cake

We’ve raided the candy store for our favorite treats and are showcasing them in one delicious cake design, with a few ice cream cones thrown in for good measure. Watch everyone's eyes light up when they see the surprise inside the cones!

Candy Lover's Cottage

This house requires no special cake decorating skills; simply spatula ice and add candy accents! Even the youngest family members can help decorate this candy-adorned bungalow.

Carrot Cake

This cake looks like the classic, but one taste will tell you otherwise. A touch of fresh orange juice and zest provides an orange-y zip traditional carrot cakes don't offer. The grated carrots keep this cake moist, while the chopped nuts add a pleasant crunch.

Cheese Burger and French Fries (Not)

When is a cheeseburger not a cheeseburger? When it’s a 3-layer cake! And the french fries? Sugar cookies dipped in melted red candy! Dinner never got better!

Cherish the Memories

Time flies by, but not the memories. Capture life's significant moments with a timely scrapbook cake. Define each chapter with your favorite laminated photos.

Cherry Blossom Cake

Cherry blossoms represent new beginnings in Japan, where celebrations are planned to coincide with the trees in full bloom. You too, can celebrate, whether the cherry blossoms are in bloom in your backyard or on this festive cake that's amazingly easy to make.

Chocolate Combed Cake

Everyone loves chocolate, and combing the cake makes it extra-special in appearance.

Chocolate In the Berry Patch Cake

Chocolate and strawberries alone are delicious. Combine the two …divine! The elegant decorations on this cake look difficult, but are really simple to do.

Chocolate Lovers’ Dream Cake

White chocolate cake with dark chocolate flecks, dark chocolate icing finished with a white and dark chocolate wrap…chocoholics will be in heaven! The elegant melted candy wrap looks difficult but is surprisingly easy to do. A garnish of fresh raspberries and you’re set for any occasion.

Chocolate Truffle Tower Cake

Chocoholics rejoice! This cake is for you …chocolate truffle candies presented four different ways embellish a chocolate cake covered with chocolate icing that’s combed for added visual interest. Who can resist?

Chocolate-Strawberry Flower Cake

Rich chocolate truffles on a triple chocolate strawberry cake – a dream dessert you can make year-round. The impressive “flowers” on the cake are flower baking cups – what fun!

Colorful Carousel Cake

High-stepping horses and a brilliant colored canopy adorn this fun fondant covered cake. This show-stopping cake is perfect for all the kids in your life – young and old alike!

Colors Collide!

With hand-cut fondant decorations, it’s easy to bounce different colors all over the cake! On this retro round cake, neon circles come together in layered and openwork accents - the result is rev ved-up excitement perfect for any occasion.

Cover All the Bases

Every ball is in play as individual sports ball cut-outs are positioned on this cake. It’s the perfect celebration for any sports fan who loves all the seasons!

Crazy Geometric Perfection

Wild and wacky in bright primary colors, this cake will be a hit with kids of all ages. This mix of stripes, squares, polka dots and more proves fondant-decorated cakes can be fun and exciting and can make you smile!

Cute Candy Cake

There’s a lot of celebrating going on with this cake. And why not? Anytime you mix cake, candy and bright fondant, a party is sure to follow.

Dad's Just Desserts

A cake fit for a king, featuring decorations that are perfect for kids' helping hands. no tips needed, the decorations are candy!

Daisy Cake

This cake is reminiscent of a colorful summer garden. Edible decorating paper and punches make this an easy cake to decorate – even for a novice. The choices of paper patterns and color allow you to easily personalize the cake.

Dandy Panda Cake

A stand-up cake gets a lot of attention at the party, but it doesn't take much extra attention to bake and decorate. A firm textured batter like pound cake ensures success.

Dashing Dots Tiered Cake

You'll be convinced of fondant's decorating versatility when you create this dramatic bow cake. Make as many or as few cake layers as you need to serve party guests.

Dazzling Day

Can’t-miss color creates the perfect birthday design! Start with delicate sponge effects in violet on a fondant-covered cake. Add a rainbow of fondant balloons, gift boxes, confetti and streamers on top with a bold ball border – such fun!

Diva in Training

It's her celebration – let her be diva for a day! Imagine her surprise when she sees her cake surrounded by a fondant ribbon rose fanfare. Imagine your surprise when you see just how easy these roses are to make.

Double-Dip Cone Cake

Your party guests will scoop this cake right up! With the ice cream cone shaped pan, it's easy to "take the dip" into decorating. Simply cover the cone-shaped cake with outlines and stars, then add the swirling strawberry tinted icing "ice cream scoops" and colorful jimmies. Oh so refreshing and fun!

Exhilaration Cake

With buoyant bubbles of fondant, wild swirled cake separators and eye-popping pastel tiers, this cake won’t let you forget that parties are about having a great time with those you love!

Fairy House

This fairy house cake – with matching dog house – makes an adorable party centerpiece, the answer to many little girl's dreams. Shaped non-stick cast pans makes baking the cakes a breeze, assuring the perfect shape with exacting detail. The cake has a surprise inside: nonpareil sprinkles stirred into the batter before baking creates a "fairy dust" appearance.

Fairy Princess Layer Cake

A sweet treat for the fairy princess at your house. Young or old, every girl deserves a crown, and this cake has one. So pretty in multiple rose tones, this cake will be an instant hit for all!

Farmyard Fun!

All creatures great and small, make this barnyard setting fun to make and serve. All the decorations are cookies placed on sticks, then inserted into the top of the cake.

Festooned with Balloons Cake!

Stencils save the day! Just put the fun design on your cake top and sprinkle with colored sugars for a true decorated look with not much fuss.

Fleur de Lis Cake

Give your dessert a European flair with the impressive Fleur de Lis technique. This regal look is achieved by a trio of shells and reverse shells joined as one. Simply elegant.

Floating Fantasy Tiered Cake

Seeking an elegant, yet simple cake for a large gathering? This is the design for you. Use rolled fondant to cover each tier and gum paste to create the cut leaf border—it’s a great time-saver. Present the cake on the “floating” tier stand to eliminate the need for dowel rods or columns.

Floating Rainbow Cake

Guests will be wowed when they first glimpse the striking plaques that decorate this impressive cake. They’re incredibly easy to make using pre-colored rolled fondant. Be sure to start making them early, they should dry 48 hours before placing on the cake.

Floral Flourish Cake

A cascade of silk flowers adds a delicate touch to this pretty shell and reverse shell border cake. The soft shade of pale green provides a lovely botanical background.

Floral Fondant Bouquet

Cut-out fondant flowers in brilliant colors set on a backdrop of a white iced cake. The spoon-icing technique makes the cake look like a cloud. Even novice decorators can easily decorate this cannoli-flavored cake, which tastes as good as it looks!

Floral Swirl Cake

With stencils and spray-on food color, it’s a breeze to decorate your cake with a floral theme. Use a decorating comb to add the look of pretty textured swags on the cake sides.

Flower Horsepower

Here's a real retro ride, perfect for today's birthday girls or baby boomers who want to take a spin into the past. The 3-D Cruiser pan creates a stand-up dessert that's easy and fun to decorate.

Flowers & Candy

It's amazing how quickly a plain round cake can be transformed into a colorful all-occasion decorated dessert. Colorful candy-coated chocolates make the fun flower on top while adding multi-hued interested inserted between the shells on the bottom border.

Flowers and Lace Cake

Fondant and a special roller that imprints the delicate lace pattern allow even the novice cake decorator to create intricate masterpiece desserts like this. Match your fondant color to flowers available, or even your party theme! Perfect for showers, small weddings, or any event honoring the special women in your life!

Friendly Lion

This lovable King of the jungle, will endear himself to anyone at your party. Cookie ears and shredded coconut mane make for a delicious treat no will be able to resist. Oh so easy to make!

Frozen Strawberry Dessert

Light and refreshing, this impressive dessert is so easy to make - cookie dough is the perfect crust. The perfect ending to a hearty meal, it's also delicious and cooling at a summer gathering.

Full-Tilt Celebration

Throw your party in a whole new direction! This topsy-turvy cake really shakes up the celebration, and tells your guests something fun is about to happen. There's even a surprise – inside, the cake is multi-colored!

Fun's a Shore Thing

Your personal stretch of tropical beach is shaded with a candy shell umbrella and adorned with vibrant royal icing flowers

Garden Trellis Tiered Cake

Ideal for garden themed events, this elegant trio features neat rows of shells leading up to a paper clay rose top bouquet. Displayed on a gracefully-scrolled metal stand that’s ready to hold your favorite silk greenery accents.

Gift-Wrapped Posies Cake

This delicate “box” of gift-wrapped roses would make the perfect gift. It’s also ideal for garden parties, a small bridal shower or an intimate backyard wedding. The colorful ribbon roses are so easy to make, but oh so beautiful!

Gingham Ribbon Cake

Girl Power Cake

It’s said that shoes, the perfect purse and a cheery hat make the outfit …. Here they make the cake too!

Glimmer of Gold Cake

The combination of fondant and roses alone is impressive. Add splashes of shimmery gold dust and guests will be wowed!

Glorious Gift Cake

One color can create a powerful look when you bring different textures together. The royal icing flowers, buttercream dots and a ready-made top bow of tinted paper clay provides a memorable cake for your guests.

Guarding the Garden

Nothing sets a scene like fondant! Look at the dimension and action here: pretty ladybugs and buzzing bees zip between colorful flowers and leaves. The perfect cake for a garden party, Mother's Day, or grandma's birthday.

Halloween Howls Cake

Hallows Eve Cake

Whipped icing made from a mix adds an iridescent, vibrant color to this cake. The shorter, triangular decorating comb makes the top design easy to do. Change up the colors for use at other holidays!

Hallows Eve Pumpkin Patch Cake

This merry group of pumpkins are lounging in a patch of purple sotas – happily anticipating the arrival of Halloween. Sotas are so easy to do, even novice decorators won’t be spooked by preparing this cake!

Happy Landing Butterfly

For a quick and easy way to use the butterfly pan, just ice smooth and add colorful candy trims. You’ll still enjoy serving a butterfly with plenty of color and fun—and your guests will enjoy the sweet treats on the cake.

Heart Cake a la Seurat

George Seurat was known for pointillism technique in the art he created. That same style of painting in which a picture is constructed from dots of color that blend, translates beautifully to cakes and other dessert treats. Here the cake takes on the look of tiny tiles assembled in heart shapes.

Heart Fireworks

A shower of pastel fondant hearts cascading from the top of cake is the perfect celebration statement. Great for baby or wedding showers, large birthday gatherings or a special Mother's Day celebration!

Heart Happenings

So simple – take a smooth-iced sheet cake, add pretty pastel hearts, easy borders, and an elegant pick for a can't-miss design that's perfect at showers, birthdays or Mother's Day.

Hearts & Flowers Cake

Here’s a simple iced cake made instantly pretty with dozens of royal icing drop flowers. Make the flowers a few days ahead with just a twist of the wrist.

Hearts A'Poppin

Bright red hearts really stand out on the rosy fondant background. Ready-To-Use Rolled Fondant makes decorating this cake easy.

Hearts and Roses Cake

Hearts and red roses are the quintessential symbol of romance. Here we’ve combined them on a single cake perfect for a shower, Valentine’s Day celebration or a small wedding reception.

Hearts-A-Poppin' Cake

The ideal finish to Valentine’s Day or any romantic evening. Fun heart stencil designs are filled in with dazzling red sugar; the bottom border features pull-out shells linked to form 3-D hearts.

Her Crowning Moment

Make a little girl feel like a princess with this wonderful cake. Stars, rosettes and candy trims create a look that's pure fun.

High Flying Birthday

It's a day for pulling out all the stops! Match your party decorations with a cake that features brightly-colored balloons in flight to herald the big celebration.

Holiday Happiness Cake

Holiday wrapping starts now! Add a festive touch to this cake with seasonal colors, fun cut outs, cute curliques, and a magnificent ribbon striped bow.

Hunting Birdies

A perfect cake for any golfer! Ready-to-use rolled fondant creates the backgrounds and details that score a hole in one at every celebration.

In the Line of Fire

For those who won’t go quietly into their next milestone decade (30s, 40s, 50s and 60s!), this cake will bring them to justice. Surrounded by brightly-hued candles, with a bottom ring of rainbow candies and a shower of vivid sprinkles on the cake side suggest that life will be sweeter and more colorful than ever.

It's A Hit!

Everyone loves the “double-header” design of this cake, which places a half ball cake on top of a round cake. You’ll love the easy decorating, done almost totally with stars.

Italian Cream Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Candy and cake combine for a cake made to impress. Every inch of this cake is edible. Candy clay decorations are as easy as working with modeling clay and they’re sweet tasting. Make them in advance, so decorating the cake is less stressful at the last minute.

Jaffa Cake Roll

Traditional Jaffa Cakes are mini sponge cakes flavored with orange and bittersweet chocolate, eaten like cookies in England. We’ve taken that a step further and turned that sponge cake into a special treat perfect for any occasion.

Kathleen Murphy's Crispy Twist Cake

A cake has never been so crispy and cereal treat has never been so colorful! With its easy rosette border, bright star blossoms on the side and dazzling lattice candles on top, this is the perfectly simple alternative to a birthday cake. Kids can't get enough!

Kids Take the Wheel!

Ferris wheels are just plain fun! When they're made of cupcakes, the fun is tasty, too! Personalize this treat by making the faces resemble party guests!

Lady Liberty!

From the multi-colored cake inside, to the brightly-hued stars around the sides, all topped with Miss Liberty, this cake is all about red, white and blue. Decorated cut-out cookies make decorating this cake a breeze.

Lemon Daisy Cake

This cake just makes you smile! The rich lemon flavored pound cake with its light, airy texture combines with the cast aluminum pan to create a cake with fine detail that requires little embellishment. A simple sprinkle of yellow sugars and chocolate jimmies instantly transform the cake into a daisy – but choose other colored sugars to create another favorite flower!

Lemon Pecan Cloud Cake

Light as a cloud, this sponge cake features a delicate lemon flavor – the perfect combination with pecans. Featuring an Italian Meringue Buttercream Icing, it looks like a cloud, too – with icing wisps on the sides and swirly rosette borders. And, since you can never have too many nuts, a dusting of additional pecans completes this treat.

Make-a-Wish Fish Cake

It’s no fish story—this cake is decorated without tips, but it’s clever enough to hook any crowd. You’ll use the spatula to create the scales on top, then add candies for all the features.

Making Her Entrance

When this star in shades arrives, the party starts! Make our rich, tasty cream cheese pound cake in the Classic Wonder Mold and finish with a fondant dress covered in colorful stars with glittery sparkles. She's dressed for her big moment in dazzling doll accessories. It's the perfect cake for a young girl's birthday, a pre-prom gathering or your Academy Awards party.

Mango Upside Down Cake

Almost any fruit can be used for an upside down cake, but mangos add tropical flair. Arranging the fruit in a shaped pan means no decorating is required to make this festive cake.

Mega Mug 'a Joe

This will wake ‘em up at any celebration! This colossal hazelnut coffee flavored cake features a sunny fondant-covered mug filled to the brim with a dark, glistening brew.

Mini German Chocolate Cake Ganache

A small cake with big impact! A drizzle of Ganache, a topper of edible candy roses - so easy to make for those that matter to you most.

Mocha Magic Cake

Varying shades of chocolate and diagonal rows of shells can transform a simple loaf cake into a spectacular dessert. Just comb the sides for a look that’s sure to receive rave reviews.

Monkey Mischief!

Candy monkeys display their shenanigans everywhere on our cake. Made with candy molds and a shaped pan, candies make quick and easy-to-create decorations for any cake, cupcake or favorite dessert.

Moonlit Hallow’s Eve

This nighttime scene is more cheery than scary, exactly how you’ll feel when you see how easy it is to decorate this cake with pre-colored fondant.

Mosaic Medley Cake

Mosaics have been a favorite form of artwork internationally for centuries. The intricate patterns of tiles in so many hues represent expert craftsmanship . Now, these same old and new world designs can be duplicated on cakes using rolled fondant and silicone molds for shaping. Decorating doesn’t get much easier!

Nancy's Favorite Pumpkin Roll

This cake roll is a deliciously light alternative to traditional pumpkin pie. Pumpkin spice adds classic flavor, while the creamy filling-icing mixture, flavored with caramel, refreshes.

Neapolitan Bear Cake

Cute decorating on the outside hides the tasty, decorative inside – which features pockets of yellow, chocolate and strawberry cake. Though it looks complicated, most of the decorating is simple-to-make pull-out strings. Since confetti and noisemakers make any occasion a party, confetti sprinkles and a party horn add a festive finishing touch to this cake.

Old Glory Ice Cream Cake

It's red, white and blue through and through! Cake batter is tinted before baking and the colorful layers sandwich a sheet of luscious ice cream. The coolest summer cake ever.

Oragami Cake

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Here, vibrant-hued fondant triangles are reminiscent of origami cranes, which symbolize peace, longevity and immortality. Topped with a black and white yin/yang cookie, this cake is as much of a centerpiece to the occasion as it is for dessert.

Orange Kissed Chocolate Cake with Gold Dusted Chocolate Curls

Easy to do icing dots, zigzags and lines turn a simple chocolate cake into an extraordinary treat. Add some gold-dusted chocolate curls and this dessert is just over the top!

Oriental Flair

This cake boasts Oriental flair both inside and out. Inside, a delicious mandarin orange and almond cake. Outside, the perfect marriage of fondant and buttercream: red symbolizing good fortune and joy, then golden yellow Cornelli lace, the color of Imperial China and a symbol for good luck.

Palm Tree Treat

Everyone loves the taste of crisp cereal treats, but you¹ve probably never seen them in such a fun shape! Decorating with icing and candy adds even more excitement.

Party Balloons Cake

Here’s a bold look for every celebration cake—stars and balloons in bright, fun colors!

Party Candle Cakes

Light up your celebration with candle cakes glowing in bright colors. They’re easy to decorate, using rolled fondant and flames made in advance!

Pastel Checkerboard Cake

Creating this impressive cake featuring pretty pastel squares is as easy as pouring tinted batter in the dividing rings of the special Checkerboard Pan. You then bake as you would any other layer cake.

Pastel Posies Cake

These softly-colored flowers pack plenty of punch! Set against the smooth-iced cake, they seem to jump across the room.

Peach Blossom Cake

Your guests will love the fresh peach color on this sweet fondant flower design. It’s a great shower or brunch cake—accomplished in a few simple decorating steps.

Perky Petals Cake

Rolled fondant has become a popular decorating option – it's so easy to shape so even less experienced decorators can create something lovely. This is a great example. The quilted texture on the cake looks great against the bold, multi-hued daffodils.

Perky Purse

Fun is in the bag with a cake that carries excitement galore. Whether for a Sweet 16, bridal shower or milestone birthday celebration, this delicious purse will bring out the inner diva in everyone. Accessorize the event with custom colors and designs.

Petals of Peach Cake

See just how versatile the shell technique can be when different tips are used. Dainty shells are created for top and bottom borders using tip 17 and the bold, beautifully blossoming flower on cake top is created with the large star tip 4B, used to pipe shell petals and a center rosette.

Pink Bouquet on Chocolate

Pink on brown is a very popular color combo, and when it’s pink daisies on chocolate, the combination couldn’t be better. This cake suits a small wedding shower, Mother’s Day celebrations, a Garden Club luncheon and so many other occasions. The flowers are a gum paste-fondant mix, so the petals can be rolled very thin, making them look incredibly realistic.

Pink Carnation Cake

Oh so pretty in pink! Carnations are the epitome of pink flowers and this cake showcases them well. The carnations are made from tinted gum paste. They take a little time, but are easy to do.

Pinstripe Flair

In cakes, as in fashion, pinstripes provide sophisticated feel to the occasion. Make those stripes boldly colored fondant, add some Cake Sparkles for bling, top it with a bow … pinstripes are appropriate for any celebration!

Pinwheel Candy Cake

This cake showcases a rainbow of sweets, which makes decorating incredibly easy. The colorful pinwheels, candy canes and confetti sprinkles make this dessert look as fun as it tastes good.

Pirate’s Treasure Chest

An edible chest filled with candy doubloons and other sweet treasures … it’s any pirate’s dream chest! Buccaneers young and old will say “aye” when offered a slice of the chocolate cake coffer and delicious riches it holds.

Pretty in Pink

No need to spend hours decorating a cake to make it special! Baked in a shaped cast pan with a few icing accents, and it tastes as good as it looks.

Pretty In Pink Heart Cake

The warm tones of this cake will put everyone at the shower or brunch in a sunny disposition. Shapeable fondant makes it easy—with hand-cut flowers and a twisting rope border, anyone can do this.

Pretty, Pretty Petals

Drop flowers in a variety of sizes are the crowning glory of this light yellow petal cake. The beautiful blend of peach, pink and violet flowers are mirrored in the bottom border.

Puppy Print Cake

Honor the puppies at your party with a cake all your friends will love. As tasty as it is adorable, personalize the cake by decorating the dog to look like one or more of your party's guests!

Quick-Themed Cakes

What’s a celebration without a cake? And while any cake will make people smile, a cake decorated in the party theme, the interests or hobby of the honored guest or a variety of bright colors will bring true joy to all in attendance. Special homemade or purchased personalized toppers, icing decorations and sprinkles all add to the appeal.

Quilled Cake and Cookie Topper

Paper quilling has been popular with crafters for centuries to decorate invitations, announcements and cards. Now, using Sugar Sheets! Edible Decorating Paper, the art can be applied to cakes and other treats! Thin strips of Sugar Sheets create big impact when looped together.

Rainbow Reverie

Everyone can be an airbrush artist. With food color spray you can create exciting color effects on any cake with an easy spray. The vibrant rainbow on our square cake can be done in minutes. To finish "the look," just add bright candies and jumbo sprinkles on the borders for a fully-coordinated party palette.

Ready for Bath Time

Everything’s ducky for this shower dessert. Easy-to-make cupcakes surround a simple round cake decorated as a cute ruffled bib made from simple-to-do stars. The duck theme is so easy to achieve when you accent with colorful baking cups, icing decorations and candles.

Ready, Aim, Celebrate!

Set your sights on a birthday cake that targets fun! The simple-to-create design always scores a bulls-eye!

Rings Around The Dessert

Round and round and round they go – the colorful dots and circles on this cake, that is! Different shades of color add movement to this classy cake. So versatile – change the colors to suit your style; or vary the size of cake, if you’re hosting a crowd. So easy to decorate, too!

Rose Levy Beranbaum's Favorite Yellow Cake

It's key that your cakes taste as good as they look. No one recognizes that more than Rose Levy Beranbaum, internationally-noted baking authority and award-winning cookbook author. When you prepare the recipe, you'll understand why the New York Times said, "If ever there was a cookbook author who could place her hands on top of yours, putting you through the proper motions, helping you arrive at just the right touch, Beranbaum is one."

Rose Romance Cake

A cake that shimmers with sugar coated tiers and soft rolled fondant roses – simple decorations that lend a sophisticated touch.

Scary Spider Cake

This kooky creature covers lots of ground—at Halloween parties, birthday celebrations and more. Combine Soccer Ball and Mini Ball Pans to create the body and head; add licorice legs connected with spice drops and this slinky creature comes to life.

Scrolling Vines Cake

Delicate flowers with vibrant centers and detailed leaves line fondant vines that encircle this amazing cake. A duo of bluebirds, a symbol of happiness and fulfillment, top this dessert off.

Seashore Sandcastle Cake

You can almost feel the waves lapping at the edge of this beach house! Completely edible, the sandcastle sits on an island in a creature-packed ocean. This cake takes time to assemble, but even a non-decorator can create this impressive treat!

Sending Hissss Best

Slithering through the grass to a party table near you is this whimsical serpent that’s so easy to make using a simple tube pan and triangular-shaped cupcakes. It’s sure to bring a smile to the face of any birthday boy or girl … and all the guests too!

Shaggy Mum Cake

Mums come in many varieties and every color imaginable. That makes this cake perfect for almost any occasion – simply vary the flower color. The shaggy mum decorating technique couldn’t be easier either … simply pull-out your tip as you pipe the icing.

She's A Sweetheart

Every mom deserves flowers! This beautiful bouquet cake shows her how much she is loved. Whether served for Mother's Day or her birthday, or just "because," it's an easy, yet graceful, design. Make-ahead flowers and a pretty shell border are easy enough for beginners to create!

Slithering Snakes in the Grass

Multi-hued snakes lounging and sliding across the lawn, peeking their heads up to check things out – can a cake be any more fun? A great cake for reptile lovers, your next “Survivor” party, and so many other occasions. It’s so easy to make!

Spectacular Cityscape Cake

Cities fascinate. Whether it's the latest superhero saving the world, a story of making it big, or even a simple love story, inevitably a fabulous city seems to serve as the backdrop. So, too, can a city sitting on a multi-tiered cake be the showpiece of a magnificent event. Make the buildings as seen here, or create a city you know well – the choices are endless.

Spring Pastel Butterfly

It’s fun to see what you can do with the various sizes of star tips. Here, the butterfly is covered with fine tip 16 stars while the border is done with chunkier tip 21 stars—it’s a great contrast of textures.

Springtime Soiree Cake

Few decorating techniques are easier than sotas – simply a line that gently wanders over the surface of your treat. Here the white sotas form the perfect background for ready-made flower icing decorations. Perfect for Easter festivities, Mother’s Day or any other celebration of spring

Stained Glass Lamp Cake

Tiffany-style lamps are known for their beautiful multi-colored glass set apart by bold leading. This cake duplicates that gorgeous design and intricacy. Rolled fondant makes it so easy to do!

Star Lit Marquee Cake

Who wouldn’t like to see their name lit up in lights? Here the “lights” surrounding the marquee are a line of brilliant yellow stars to honor the star receiving this cake. The shape of the cake and the side decorations carry the star theme further.

Star Spangled Salute Cake

No matter who the honoree, the decorations on this cake say it all: You are A Star – Way to Go!. Change the colors to match the school, team or company colors.

Star Struck Cake

Whether for the star of the party, the star of the school athletic team or any other star you are honoring, this is the cake for the occasion. Simple star Cut-Outs become more formal when brushed with shimmery silver and gold!

Star Studded Cake

Commemorate a holiday or any special event with a dessert that’s bursting with excitement. This great fondant cake with make-ahead stars, lets you entertain and celebrate with your guests, no matter the occasion. Vary the color of the fondant stars to match the color scheme of your event.

Stars Cake Pops

These star pops are the perfect treat for so many occasions. Decorate with 1, 2, 3 or 4 colors for a festive, tasty way to pay tribute to the graduate or a favorite sports team. The honoree’s favorite colors are another great way to decorate these pops.

Still Life Blossoms

A trip to the museum or memories of your favorite artist is a great place to start when thinking about a unique cake. This still life blossom cake features a simple arrangement of items and uses the top of the cake as the canvas.

Strawberry Layer Cake

Looking like a big shortcake, this cake is perfect for a crowd. You can't beat the rich freshness of this strawberry-white chocolate treat, and starting with a mix makes it extra easy!

Sunny Funny Bunny!

Perfect for springtime gatherings or a fun treat any time, kids will love this bunny’s sunny face, and everyone will love the easy preparation. Popcorn is made into a marshmallow treat then packed into a shaped pan for a cute – and delicious – dessert everyone can share.

Sweet Violets Hummingbird Cake

Richly colored violets are gathered at the top and bottom of this delicate looking cake. The cake itself is a traditional Hummingbird cake. Chock full of bananas and pineapple, it tastes as good as it looks!

Sweet Wishes

Put a smile on the face of your favorite patient. The quick-to-decorate cake festooned with bright balloons and a get well message is just what's needed to lift the spirits.

Sweetheart Sota Cake

Few decorating techniques are easier than sotas – simply a line that gently wanders over the surface of your treat. On this heart-shaped cake, they take on the appearance of dainty lace on a wedding dress.

Swirling Floral Cake

These simple swirl flowers are even easier because you make them in advance with royal icing. They’ll keep for weeks and will be ready to place on your freshly iced cake.

Take a Bow! Cake

It’s fun to match the cake to the celebration! This cake can be decorated in any color scheme. With a pretty bow on top, this cake is all wraped up and ready to party in easy-to-use fondant.

The Berry Basket

What could look fresher than a berry-topped cake decorated with intertwined basketweave and rope borders? This intricate look will impress every guest, but the technique is easy to master with a little practice.

The Coolest Watermelon Cake

Not the same old rind, this cake is the perfect slice of summer that's as easy as can be. Featuring the quintessential flavors of the season – watermelon – it's the perfect look for your next picnic feast. And, it's so easy to make! Just tint the batter and add mini chocolate chips for seeds before baking. A layer of green fondant around the edge creates the perfect watermelon rind.

The Perfect Purse in Pink

The perfect purse … to match your shoes, of course! This is a wonderful beginner decorator project. The cake can also be personalized easily by varying the colors or piping techniques used!

The Veggie Patch

Not only does this cake look like a backyard vegetable plot, the cake itself is made with a surprising array of garden favorites. The dense, sophisticated chocolate flavor will fool everyone!

They're GREAT Grandparents

They've spoiled you since the day you were born. Now it's your turn to spoil grandma or grandpa with a special cake decorated with beautifully cascading drop flowers.

Torted Pound Cake

Starting with a frozen pound cake means this elegant dessert is ready in half an hour or less. And the flavor is unbeatable!

Train Engine

While this cake looks complicated to decorate, everyone can make this adorable cake using a 3-D cake pan to bake and simple decorating techniques like stars, zigzags and candy.

Transportation Celebration

On land and in the air – this cake has it covered. Cut-out cookies make decorating this cake so easy. No matter what you're celebrating, this cake will be a hit with young and old alike!

Uncovered Treasure

This cute little pirate brings a bounty of fun to the party. He's ready for birthday adventures and has a treasure of candy coins to share with everyone.

Underwater Wonders

There are so many wonders under the sea – and on the party table! This fun-to-make submarine features them all – cookies, candy, and cake all in one treat!

Using Premade Decorations

Nothing makes decorating treats easier than using premade decorations. There are so many choices – from colorful icing decs to holiday toppers, festive sprinkles to seasonal picks. Endless options for any occasion!

Vintage Celebration Cake

A basic square cake achieves grapeness! Decorate the clusters with dot upon dot, add some winding outline vines and a lovely leaf border.

Violet Cascade Cake

A rich emerald-iced cake works beautifully with bunches of softly-shaded violet blossoms. The drop flower technique is easy to master—pipe perfect flowers with a twist of the wrist.

Violet Viceroy Cake

Shaped pans give you a great chance to show off your star skills. With the Butterfly Pan, your baked cake will show all the detail areas, giving you a guide for decorating with various color stars. The result is a fun cake that’s perfect for birthdays, showers and more!

Wacky Face Cake

Guests will go crazy for this zany-faced dessert. No one will guess it all started with a guitar-shaped cake! And, none of the decorating required a bag or tip! Vary “its” look by changing icing colors and candies used. Let your imagination run wacky!

Wacky Flower Cake

A rich, chocolate-y cake is the base of this colorful – edible – flower garden. All the flower decorations are made from moldable Candy Clay!

Water Colors

Turn up the tropical heat with bold candy coral coated in nonpareils, neon cereal treat fish and dazzling jumbo nonpareils on the sea bottom. All these sizzling shades look even brighter against a sheet cake covered by a sea of marbleized fondant.

Way To Go!

Graduations, job promotions, great report cards -- any of life's important achievements are perfect reasons to celebrate with a fun sheet cake! This one's popping with bold balloons and a star border in dazzling primary colors.

Wedding Fan-Faire

While traditional cake designs are still popular, many brides are looking for more updated looks, as this delightful 2-tiered cake shows. Chocolate is a favorite of many for weddings. Often it is paired with the couple’s wedding colors, as the teal is here.

Weeping Willow Cake

The draped leaves on this cake are reminiscent of the graceful weeping willow tree. Covered in multi-toned leaves with the shimmer of Pearl Dust, this technique takes time to do, but is not difficult. The oohs and ahs you’ll receive will make it worth your while!

When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth Cake

Shaped pans don’t just have to be the item you first see. With a bit of imagination, the cake can become multiple other things! Here a pirate ship becomes an island volcano with wandering cookie dinosaurs. Everything, even the message cloud, is edible!

White Chocolate Almond Castle

A special castle-shaped pan creates perfect, intricate detail to any cake you bake in it. Though this cake could stand alone, we've added a touch of icing and some pretty pastel candies.

White Chocolate Pound Cake

White chocolate baked into the batter makes this cake as rich in flavor as it is in appearance. No one will guess you started with a mix!

Wild Flower Cake

Cakes and flowers are a perfect match, so it's only natural that a flower-shaped pan would be such a hit for birthdays, Mother's Day and showers.

Wildlife Safari

Let lively jungle-themed products help you easily create this African safari adventure. Lifelike toppers and icing decorations add the perfect finishing touches. Depending on how many guests you expect, choose either the Wildlife Safari Cake and Safari Cupcakes, or make them both!

World of Swirls Cake

You can’t beat the dynamic motion of a swirled top and a bold star border. What a fun way to charge up a round cake and get your party off the ground.

Zebra Cake

Animal prints are “in” for clothing, home fashions and … dessert! Rolled fondant is the perfect medium for creating the elegant black on white look of this cake. The teal fondant ball border adds a sophisticated touch. The unusual shape is easy to achieve with a paisley-shaped pan.

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.