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Episode 401: Elegant Desserts

Elegant desserts don't have to be difficult or time consuming. Whether the occasion is a special dinner party with candlelight and a beautiful table meant to impress, or for a simpler dinner when you're treating your family like honored guests, we show you how easy to make cheesecake, rich ganache-topped bars, or creamy mousse-filled chocolate bombes are.

Episode 402: Tea Time

A tea party is appropriate for a bridal shower, special birthday or just a gathering of friends. No matter the occasion, pretty, delicate and dainty should describe the treats served. We're sharing uncomplicated recipes and simple decorating tricks to make these easy-to-fix, luscious and oh-so-pretty delicacies.

Episode 403: Boys Toys

No matter what the reason for the celebration, treat the man (or men) in your life with tasty treats that represent their hobbies or interests. Young or old, all boys love their toys, especially when they have wheels. The projects here focus on transportation – from trains to planes to automobiles – with a few dinosaurs thrown in for good measure. We show you how easy they are to make, even a novice can create them!

Episode 404: First Birthday

A selection of special desserts for that all important First Birthday. Each includes the equally key "smash cake" – a single-serving cake made just for the birthday boy or girl. We'll show you the secrets to successfully making 3D and shaped cakes, and demonstrate how easy they are to decorate. Family and friends will be fittingly impressed with your talents!

Episode 405: Sweet & Savory Goodies in Small Packages

Good things come in small packages, and we're showcasing treats small in size but large in flavor and impact! There is a selection of both sweet and savory "minis", and all are so easy to make. So whether you're looking for a refreshing gelatin treat, an appetizer spread with kick or a berry sweet end to a meal, you'll see that tiny bites can be pretty special.

Episode 406: For the Diva

Honor the special little and big girls in your life with spectacular desserts. Whether you choose to serve the "Diva" doll cake with sparkly fondant gown, brilliant tiara and showy accessories or the bright yellow purse-shaped spice cake that requires minimal decorating skills, your girly-girls and all their friends will love these homemade treats.

Episode 407: Grown-Up Birthdays

Just because you're all grown up doesn't mean you don't love cake or a party – and what better excuse is there to indulge than your birthday! Whether it's a "milestone" year (those ending in "0"), or just one more added to the list, we've designed special cakes adaptable to just about any age that will be the hit of you next celebration. Best of all, each features very easy decorating.

Episode 408: Games Galore

The next time you're in charge of dessert for bridge, its family game night or it's poker night for the guys at your house we've got fun, homemade treats for you and your guests. We feature unique, edible interpretations for some of today's hottest games, yet each is simple enough for a novice to prepare.

Episode 409: Seeing Stars

Stars aren't just for red, white and blue celebrations! This star-studded show features treats perfect for your star athlete, the VIP graduate or the honored "star" guest at any special event – simply vary the colors you make the stars to fit the occasion. Included are a dessert with multi-colored, varied size fondant stars bursting from a star-shaped cake and a luscious berry-infused cake topped with a festive, delicious mix of fresh berries. Each project features easy-to-follow instructions anyone can do.

Episode 410: Baby Showers

Baby showers are the ultimate girl party and they demand that we let out all the stops in creating a themed dessert. We've come up with treats – cakes and candies – that are as easy to make as they are unique.

Episode 411: Football

Football games just scream for a tailgating gathering, and that means lots of great food! From appetizer to main dish to end of meal treat, we offer a delicious selection sure to score a "touchdown" with guests. They're easy to prepare and look festive on any buffet table.

Episode 412: Lions, Tigers and Bears

Lions and tigers and bears, of my! Each of these desserts has in common that they all use convenience or quick decorating products. From premade icing decorations to candles, colorful baking cups and special shaped pans, anyone can create almost instant decorating.

Episode 413: Castles

Special pans and cake decorating kits make it easy to create an enchanted castle for the princesses and others in your life that you want to treat "royally." For a fun afternoon project, get the entire family involved in helping to decorate!

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.