The Bake Decorate Celebrate! shows

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Episode 201: Roses, Roses, Roses

Everything’s coming up roses! This symbol of love, friendship and joy is the one flower everyone who decorates wants to perfect. We'll show you how! And we feature the flower on cakes, cupcakes and even candy projects that are amazingly easy to make.

Episode 202: Sports

No matter the sport, whether you're a participant or spectator, we have cakes, cupcakes, even sandwich and appetizer ideas perfect for the celebrating … the perfect game, a hole-in-one, the end of season, any occasion!

Episode 203: Tarts, Cheesecakes, Appetizers

Signature recipes that will wow the guests without taxing the host. These projects emphasize the baking, showing you how easy it is to make tarts, cheesecakes and several appetizers.

Episode 204: Hearts Galore

Hearts for the special person and special occasion. From a crown of hearts cake to a heart-shaped candy big enough to share, we offer a variety of heart-shaped projects perfect for saying "I love you."

Episode 205: Patriotic

Raise the flag on a host of projects featuring patriotic designs decorating cookie pops, cakes, gelatin treats and cupcakes. We've even enlisted Uncle Sam!

Episode 206: Children's Birthday

There's nothing more fun than matching the perfect cake to that special child in your life! We've also included ideas for party invitations and favors to make your event perfect!

Episode 207: Big Celebrations

Every celebration deserves a special cake. Whether it's a large anniversary party, the annual family reunion, or an intimate family gathering, we have inspiring cake and cupcake ideas anyone can achieve.

Episode 208: Beach/Pool Party

Cakes, candy, and other treats perfect for summer parties or adding a touch of sunshine to any gathering any time or year!

Episode 209: Quick Desserts

Even when time is limited, a few key ingredients on hand mean impressive desserts in no time at all. We’re featuring remarkable desserts meant to inspire and impress that no one will guess took very little effort at all to create.

Episode 210: Gingerbread

Gingerbread isn’t just for the holidays. In addition to traditional houses, we share a springtime variation, cookies perfect any time, and spicy truffles and muffins you’ll love throughout the year.

Episode 211: Shaped Pans

Shaped pans are an easy way to achieve intricate design without baking and cutting up multiple cakes. They’re also so easy to decorate, even novices look like experts.

Episode 212: Easy Pretty Cakes

A bevy of beautiful cakes that won't tax the baker. From a delicate multi-hued pastel cake, to a warm treat for the chocolate lover, we'll show you how simple these cakes are to make with specialty pans – anyone can look like an expert!

Episode 213: Showers

Big events – babies, engagements, weddings and more – call for big celebrations and a shower is the perfect way to honor these occasions. Big celebrations, of course, call for spectacular, delicious desserts and special favors. We show you how easy both are to make homemade – even a novice can make them special!

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.