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Episode 301: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

It's hard to find anyone who doesn't love chocolate. From candy to cakes to cookies, each becomes more special with a touch of chocolate and we show you how easy, and impressive, these homemade projects are to make.

Episode 302: Classic Cakes with a Twist

Classic cakes are recipes that have stood the test of time, becoming favorites for lots of people. This episode shows you easy twists – a different pan shape, flavor, fruit – to transform a classic cake your own creative dessert.

Episode 303: Apples, Apples, Apples

Apples are a sign of fall for many but we'll show you how to enjoy apples year round. This show features apples both "in" the projects, as well as "on" the projects (check out the Apple Basket Cake!) We also offer new recipes, like Apple Spice Cake, along with age-old favorites – apple pie and cobbler – all so easy to make!

Episode 304: Favorite Desserts

Everyone has a favorite tried and true dessert recipe, and this show features our specialties. We want to encourage every generation to try baking. What better legacy than to pass on a love of cooking to our children and grandchildren. We're sharing some of our favorite sweet treats along with tips that make them easy to prepare!

Episode 305: Whimsical Cupcakes

From sophisticated "mini cakes" to a menagerie of animal mini cupcake designs, we'll show you how easy it is to make one of the hottest desserts around – the cupcake!

Episode 306: Critters You Can Eat

Animals might be considered "kids stuff", but we show you how they fit classic designs as well. From a beautiful garden cake to the cutest rice cereal treat monsters, we feature a menagerie of easy-to-make treats!

Episode 307: Berries By The Bushel

Berries are now year-round favorites. They not only taste good, but they add beautiful color to so many desserts. We show you how easy it is to dress up cakes and tarts — no matter the season, they make it feel like summer!

Episode 308: Quick Change Cakes

This collection of festive cakes can be adapted to almost any occasion with a few simple decorating changes. We show you different ideas with drop flowers and balloons, then different looks with shells. With a little practice, these desserts will become your foolproof, last minute desserts created quickly and perfectly each and every time – no matter what the occasion.

Episode 309: Love Is In The Air

A delicious way to show you care is with a distinctive dessert! Whether it's a multi-tiered creation for a group of family and friends, a mini chocolate cake to share with your special someone or an edible cookie box to present "sweets for the sweet", we show you how simple they are to make.

Episode 310: Yummy Rectangles

From first course savory appetizers to inspiring end-of-meal desserts, we show you the versatility of a simple rectangular package! Sweet or savory, hot or cold, all these great ideas are so simple to make, yet each provides added pizzazz to any event.

Episode 311: SURPRISE!

Every one of these creations has that special element of surprise – something a little bit different and unexpected. Sometimes it's the shape, or a secret ingredient or a new take on an old favorite. And each is so easy to make!

Episode 312: Tropical and Tasty

Nothing adds more sunshine to a celebration than tropical-themed desserts. We show you the ease of preparing a fondant-covered cake straight from under the sea, including a school of colorful crispy treat fish and brilliantly-hued candy coral. For the more traditional-minded, there's a light, moist coconut cake and a rainbow of easy to make and decorate Margarita flavored cupcakes.

Episode 313: So Simple Desserts

Simple recipes and easy decorating are the focus in the projects we feature here. From individual treats to a special creation for guests, we show you the tricks to creating spectacular desserts in record time.

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.