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Episode 701: Fashion

Fashion immediately conjures up thoughts of new wardrobes, but in this episode we’re combining a sense of fashion with dessert, for a little “Girl Power.” We feature fun cakes that have style and pizzazz and will definitely turn your female guests’ heads! They’re the perfect for serving at a sweet sixteen, wedding shower or any favorite girl’s event.

Episode 702: 3D

Don’t settle for a flat cake when you can make dessert the centerpiece of an event. We showcase two projects perfect for so many occasions – a flower cookie basket and a decorative lamp cake. These also make impressive (and edible) gifts.

Episode 703: Brownies

Brownies are a perennial favorite, but you’d be amazed at just how versatile a brownie can be. We offer ideas from simply drizzled and sprinkled brownies in a variety of shapes to fun treats on a stick to a show-stopping elegant cheesecake. We show you how brownies can fit any snack or dessert occasion.

Episode 704: Your House or Mine?

Homes come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the house-shaped treats we feature here! Whether you choose an elegant sandcastle complete with resident crab, a cottage-style dwelling for man’s best friend or the candy-adorned bungalow that will tickle the sweet tooth in all of us, we guide you step-by-step to home-building success.

Episode 705: Chocolate: White or Dark

Chocolate is the key ingredient in so many favorite desserts – it’s hard to imagine baking without it. We showcase two decadent chocolate cakes that look like they came from a professional bakery, but are relatively simple to make at home – even for a novice cake decorator.

Episode 706: A Tisket, A Tasket

Country charm and beautiful texture are the hallmarks of basketweave cakes. We show you two different, but equally easy ways to create this favorite decorating technique. One is the traditional buttercream basketweave method, the second an exciting new way to create a basket look by weaving strips of colored fondant. Both techniques create impressive “baskets” that are incredibly simple, and delicious too!

Episode 707: Pirates

A treasure trove of pirate-themed cakes and treats, sure to put a smile on your little mates and mateys! There’s a cake decorated as a treasure chest filled with homemade candy gems, a whimsical crispy rice cereal treat ship bejeweled with purchased candy and Buccaneer cupcakes few will be able to resist – all so easy to make.

Episode 708: Retro

Everything old is new again – and so much more vibrant than any of us remember! Home furnishings, clothing and yes, even cake designs, are experiencing a case of déjà vu! Our retro show highlights brilliant, multi-colored designs that radiate energy and dazzle the tastebuds as well as the eye.

Episode 709: Nuts To You

Nuts are add flavor and crunch to so many baked good recipes! We show a selection of tasty recipes that highlight the versatility of the nut. The recipes feature three favorite baking nuts – pecans, almonds and hazelnuts, but there’s no problem to substitute any other favorite nut you prefer.

Episode 710: Seashore

She sells seashells by the seashore. At Bake, Decorate, Celebrate! we suggest a sandcastle cake, candy sea creatures, pearly shell-shaped sweet treats and coastline cupcakes at your seashore-themed celebrations. Whether you live on the coast or just dream about a day at the beach, these homemade delicacies will bring the sun and surf to any gathering.

Episode 711: Animals Everywhere

It’s an animal invasion! And each is as cute as can be! Best of all, these monkeys, lion and pony treats are easy enough for a beginner to make!

Episode 712: Faux Food

Now you see it, now you don’t. And is it really what it seems to be? If you’re talking about the projects featured here – not really! We offer a menu of items that aren’t at all what they seem to be – cupcakes for dinner; cheeseburger for dessert and a sweet taco for a between-meal snack. These ideas will bring fun to any occasion!

Episode 713: Nature

Nature provides inspiration for so many things, including the two cake designs here. There’s an impressive cake covered in multi-toned green fondant leaves. And a pretty spring-inspired square cake topped with pastel fondant ribbon roses. We take you step-by-step through the simple process of making these impressive treats.

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.