Episode 202: Sports


Cover All the Bases

Every ball is in play as individual sports ball cut-outs are positioned on this cake. It’s the perfect celebration for any sports fan who loves all the seasons!

It's A Hit!

Everyone loves the “double-header” design of this cake, which places a half ball cake on top of a round cake. You’ll love the easy decorating, done almost totally with stars.

Ready, Aim, Celebrate!

Set your sights on a birthday cake that targets fun! The simple-to-create design always scores a bulls-eye!

Be A Team Player

Choose your sport—these teams are all winners! The team party is the perfect place for these fun cupcakes.

Score Big!

Cupcakes always add fun to the celebration - and they are big winners for you, too, because they are quick and easy to make.

Hunting Birdies

A perfect cake for any golfer! Ready-to-use rolled fondant creates the backgrounds and details that score a hole in one at every celebration.

All Star Sandwich

A colossal sandwich that pays tribute to your favorite team-and it’s big enough to feed them all!

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.