Episode 213: Showers


Perky Petals Cake

Rolled fondant has become a popular decorating option – it's so easy to shape so even less experienced decorators can create something lovely. This is a great example. The quilted texture on the cake looks great against the bold, multi-hued daffodils.

Rose Levy Beranbaum's Favorite Yellow Cake

It's key that your cakes taste as good as they look. No one recognizes that more than Rose Levy Beranbaum, internationally-noted baking authority and award-winning cookbook author. When you prepare the recipe, you'll understand why the New York Times said, "If ever there was a cookbook author who could place her hands on top of yours, putting you through the proper motions, helping you arrive at just the right touch, Beranbaum is one."

Shower Invitations

Use your creativity and imagination to create invitations to match the cake and personality of the honoree. Each of these invitations started with the same stationery color and style. Get inspiration from the many ready-to-use scrapbook embellishments available at your local craft store!

A Downpour of Shower Favors

Favors are an important part of a shower or big party. When homemade, they have extra meaning.

A Rose, Is a Rose, Is a Party Favor

Clip-on Roses and Flower Pens are perfect party favors. Each serves double duty as place cards which the party guests can then take home.

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