Episode 512: Ice Cream Party


Double-Dip Cone Cake

Your party guests will scoop this cake right up! With the ice cream cone shaped pan, it's easy to "take the dip" into decorating. Simply cover the cone-shaped cake with outlines and stars, then add the swirling strawberry tinted icing "ice cream scoops" and colorful jimmies. Oh so refreshing and fun!

Freezer Pleaser Cupcakes

For an ice cream theme so easy you'll be able to chill out before the party, try these colorful cupcakes topped with novelty shaped candles. For an added treat, serve up a frozen couple scoops on the side.

Candy Ice Cream Cups

The perfect edible container for dessert, snacks or a take home treat.


Dreamy Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream dressed for company! The perfect size for a small gathering of friends, the special pan makes it easy … all will be duly impressed.

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.