Episode 110: Simple Tiered Cakes

Tiered cakes are some of the most elegant and intricate looking designs – but you don’t have to start out difficult. There are easy tools and techniques to making tiered cakes in our first project. Learn dowel rod construction and a simple stacked design for our second cake. Lastly, create a large brown bear from tiered cakes and learn about hidden pillar construction.


Floating Fantasy Tiered Cake

Seeking an elegant, yet simple cake for a large gathering? This is the design for you. Use rolled fondant to cover each tier and gum paste to create the cut leaf border—it’s a great time-saver. Present the cake on the “floating” tier stand to eliminate the need for dowel rods or columns.

Dashing Dots Tiered Cake

You'll be convinced of fondant's decorating versatility when you create this dramatic bow cake. Make as many or as few cake layers as you need to serve party guests.

Bearing Birthday Balloons Cake

Tiered cakes don’t always have to be for weddings, showers or anniversaries. You can treat the smallest guest of honor to this fun-loving birthday combination: Cuddly Bear on top of a brightly dotted Sheet Cake. Let the party begin!

Garden Trellis Tiered Cake

Ideal for garden themed events, this elegant trio features neat rows of shells leading up to a paper clay rose top bouquet. Displayed on a gracefully-scrolled metal stand that’s ready to hold your favorite silk greenery accents.

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