Episode 109: Cookies

Giant cookies are taking over the kitchen – for every occasion from parties to get well. It’s the same basic techniques whatever the surface. You’ll be proud to show off “your” cookies at the next cookie exchange with spritz dough cookies. And our last project features traditional cookies like cookie cutter designs and sandwiches.


Big Butterfly Birthday Cookie

On our mega-sized pan cookie, there’s plenty of room for this butterfly to spread its wings! Easy to bake and quick to decorate, it’s the perfect choice for a school or office celebration or a fun kids’ birthday treat.

Let's Party Cookie

How inviting! Bunches of balloons and stars in bouncy colors spark a mega-sized cookie that gets any party off to a rousing start. A great idea for those who want an easy alternative to a party cake.

Hearts Desire Giant Cookie

Your heart’s in the right place—a perfect Valentine, birthday or anniversary treat to sweep ‘em off their feet. Easy bead hearts surround a sweet message of love.

Colossal Cookie Card

A delicious pick-me-up for a friend on the mend. A lovely pull-out chrysanthemum bouquet and star border are special touches which are easy for anyone to decorate.

Easy As 1-2-3 Giant Cookie

Instead of an apple for the teacher, why not bring a cookie for the whole class? Everyone will love sharing this delicious cookie made for a crowd. It’s quick and easy with a Round Giant Cookie Pan.

A Can't-Miss Gift Cookie!

What a great sight for someone special. This big and beautiful sugar cookie welcomes them back with a sunny scene featuring star flowers and a dazzling rainbow.

Patriotic Pizzazz Cookie Pops

Wave the red, white and blue proudly with this starburst centerpiece. Star cookies in various sizes are sprinkled with a shower of sugars—guaranteed to generate fireworks at your holiday BBQ.

School Spirit Pan Cookie

Everyone will give 3 cheers for this giant chocolate chip cookie. There’s enough for the whole team! Bake, decorate, transport and serve this crowd-pleasing treat all in the same pan.

Springtime Sweetness Cookies

Using shaped cutters and a few simple techniques, it’s easy to bring a fresh look of spring to your favorite homemade cookies. Tint dough before baking, or add colorful decorating touches using thinned dough, sprinkles or dazzling sugars or painted icing color designs. The options are endless.

Spritz So Much FUN!

Can you imagine a holiday without spritz cookies? Neither can we. The decorating possibilities are endless by using festive disk designs to press cookies, then topping with your choice of colorful sugars, sprinkles and more.

Huge Thanks Cookie

A big, fresh chocolate chip cookie shows how grateful you are! Buttercream stars in brilliant primary colors are a sure way to brighten their day.

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.