Episode 107: Quick & Easy Decorating

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to do all the decorating you’d like, we come to your rescue with quick and EZ decorating: adding candy pieces for a fantastic fish cake plus mini toppers and embellishments that are ready made. Staying with quick and easy, our second technique is stencil decorating with colors, sugars and even food markers. Last up, sometimes a simple sentiment is all you need – we show you how with piping gel and tube icing.


Make-a-Wish Fish Cake

It’s no fish story—this cake is decorated without tips, but it’s clever enough to hook any crowd. You’ll use the spatula to create the scales on top, then add candies for all the features.

Festooned with Balloons Cake!

Stencils save the day! Just put the fun design on your cake top and sprinkle with colored sugars for a true decorated look with not much fuss.

Floral Swirl Cake

With stencils and spray-on food color, it’s a breeze to decorate your cake with a floral theme. Use a decorating comb to add the look of pretty textured swags on the cake sides.

Hearts-A-Poppin' Cake

The ideal finish to Valentine’s Day or any romantic evening. Fun heart stencil designs are filled in with dazzling red sugar; the bottom border features pull-out shells linked to form 3-D hearts.

Letter-Perfect Cookies

A simple initial adds such a personal touch to your cookies! Every guest will appreciate having their own individually-decorated treat.

Day Brightener Cupcakes!

Color up cupcakes quickly with easy-squeeze flowers in tube icing or a tinted piping gel fish pond.

Party Starter Cupcakes

Plain cupcakes dress for the party in a hurry—just top them with fun candles in favorite celebration shapes.

Bodacious Brownies

Everyday brownies take on party airs when dusted with confectioners' sugar.

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.