Episode 106: Chocolate Treats

Remember our name is Bake, Decorate AND Celebrate – and chocolate is a big part of that equation. Its not just cakes, today we feature chocolate treats from lollipops to candy shells. Take chocolate one step farther with clusters, drizzling and dipping plus adding sprinkles and sugars. Chocolate is wonderful as an accent – on cakes, cookies, and even as a place card.


Boutonniere Bonbons

Wouldn’t these rose-shaped candies make perfect treats for showers or Mother’s Day? With a shaped mold, all you do is melt and pour the candy, let set and unmold.

Mint Swirl Candies

You’ll discover how easy molding candy can be with these pretty swirled discs. A hint of mint makes them irresistible!

Candy Place Markers

You can easily mold a candy plaque in any baking pan. We’ve used the mini loaf here for just the right size to mark kids’ places.

Large Candy Dessert Shells

Not the same old sundaes—these are much more colorful and fun, served in a rainbow of candy cups on a cool dessert stand. Plus—no dishes to wash!

Cordial Cups

Here’s an elegant way to serve dessert. Mold a candy cup and fill it with a swirl of mousse or ice cream—also a perfect cup for after-dinner liqueurs!

Baby Face Pops

Shower guests will be all smiles when these babies appear at the table! With a plain baking cup and ribbon bow, it’s an easy way to capture the spirit of the day.

Candy Clusters

This is as easy and delicious as candy-making gets. Peanuts, coconut, raisins, mini marshmallows, crisped rice cereal—all taste great mixed with melted candy.

Sweet Smilin' Suckers

Put on a happy face! Just decorate the molded pops with the fun cocoa candy features!

Sweet Stars Candy Cake

Don’t forget candy as a great way to add excitement to cakes. Star lollipops above icing rosettes are sure to make guests sit up and take notice!

Candy-Dipped Coffee Spoons

Wake up their coffee with spoons that stir the delicious candy flavor right in! A fun icing flower is the perfect special touch.

Teacher's Candy Mug

Any teacher would count themselves lucky to get this cookie and candy-pop gift. It’s an easy-to-make way to say thanks for a great year.

Candy-Dipped Snacks

Just about any snack you love can be made more delicious with a dip in melted candy. Whether you used cherries or strawberries, pretzels or potato chips, cookies or crackers, dipping is easy, with little or no preparation needed.

Cones Go For A Dip

Our portable desserts are the perfect finish for July 4th or any star-studded occasion. Each cone is filled with crisped rice cereal treat mixture and topped by a trio of star lollipops.

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