Episode 103: Fondant

If you haven’t tried working with fondant, you’ll be amazed at the techniques you can do easily with this type of icing. Bow cakes are for every occasion – just change the colors. It's simple to start with a basic fondant cake and add decorations, or stamp, sponge and write on the fondant.


Take a Bow! Cake

It’s fun to match the cake to the celebration! This cake can be decorated in any color scheme. With a pretty bow on top, this cake is all wraped up and ready to party in easy-to-use fondant.

Bright With White Cake

Covered in bright colors and distinctive dot detailing, this fondant bow tops a cake perfect for your party!

Holiday Happiness Cake

Holiday wrapping starts now! Add a festive touch to this cake with seasonal colors, fun cut outs, cute curliques, and a magnificent ribbon striped bow.

Party Candle Cakes

Light up your celebration with candle cakes glowing in bright colors. They’re easy to decorate, using rolled fondant and flames made in advance!

Best Wishes Squared Cake

Flowers on cakes are the most popular decoration—you’ll make these easy and quick using an imprinted design and a special icing technique—brush embroidery.

Mini Hearts Cake

The bright colors and distinctive fondant detailing on these individual heart cakes shout LOVE loud and clear! Perfect at each place setting for romantic celebrations, bridal showers, and birthday parties.

Party Balloons Cake

Here’s a bold look for every celebration cake—stars and balloons in bright, fun colors!

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.