Episode 302: Classic Cakes with a Twist


Flower Horsepower

Here's a real retro ride, perfect for today's birthday girls or baby boomers who want to take a spin into the past. The 3-D Cruiser pan creates a stand-up dessert that's easy and fun to decorate.

Carrot Cake

This cake looks like the classic, but one taste will tell you otherwise. A touch of fresh orange juice and zest provides an orange-y zip traditional carrot cakes don't offer. The grated carrots keep this cake moist, while the chopped nuts add a pleasant crunch.

Mango Upside Down Cake

Almost any fruit can be used for an upside down cake, but mangos add tropical flair. Arranging the fruit in a shaped pan means no decorating is required to make this festive cake.


Pound Cake

Nothing is more versatile than pound cake. It's the perfect cake for 3D pans, pans with intricate designs and classic shaped tube pans. You can also vary the flavorings for a change of taste!

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